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Originally Posted by infamoussmiley View Post

The one thing that has not been made yet is the hammer oring. They oring quite "o rings" but more of a molded washer.

Ball detents? Ron asp and Proteam has a ton of them.
I was going to bring that up. The one is more of a flat washer type orings vs a typical one. Also, the armotech rebuild kids contain the magic finger ball detents....they were about $5 for the whole kit and it contained two of them. I am having a bugger of time finding them though....I ordered them maybe a year ago.
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Palmer's pursuit shop has the finger detents for $10. They also have a complete o-ring kit to replace every o-ring in the gun. The kit also comes with a new dyna valve for $30.
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Originally Posted by mcgral18 View Post
Didn't someone make a video of him taking it apart and back together? I'm sure that could help.
Anybody got some infomation about this video? I seem to have made the mistake of taking the trigger appart.
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Originally Posted by FORT View Post
Anybody got some infomation about this video? I seem to have made the mistake of taking the trigger appart.
Visit this link and save the document:

It is the Pro-Comp v3 user manual, but it has a good drawing of how the trigger assembly goes together. It's not all that difficult to do. I have taken it apart and put it back together a handful of times. And it's still working.
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for the trigger go here

This should be stickied to the vm forum.
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the mods here suck...
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I honestly can barely stand most of the mods here, and don't even get me started on the f***ing Canadian ones.
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Asking for brass on MCB is like going to the grocery and saying "Looking for food, you guys have any"?
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Stock bolt o-rings.
same as the bolt o-rings on a PGP.
aaand you are sayin' whaat... what size are they?
I have laid my stock PGP and VM68 o-rings along side ones I received from Palmer's and from Pro Team Direct for the VM 68
Size 111
Here is some info I pulled up while getting orings for my stock PGP and Mac-1 bolts:
111 (70 polyurethane) 7/16 x 3/32 x 5/8

I asked Palmer's why they offer Viton orings in their kits, rather than the polyurethane suggested in other posts:

Craig Palmer
"We chose longevity over friction.

Viton has more chemical resistance and withstands higher temperatures. We found that after a while, if paint was left on the bolt, the o-ring would swell and lock up the gun. We also found that people would leave the gun in a trunk of a car during a hot summer day and flatten out polyurethane o-rings. Also Polyurethane has a shelf life of 5 years, Viton is 15 years.

If the bolt was under constant pressure then polyurethane would have an advantage.

We use polyurethane in pressurized cyclic applications or anything that receives more than 200 psi on co2. The pulse of air on the bolt is less than 100 psi.

We do stock the bolt o-rings in polyurethane if you need them.

The above reasons is why we developed Delrin flat rings."

The reason for a 30 dollar o-ring kit from Palmer's is the 17 dollar dyna valve that comes with it. If you contact them they would send you the o-rings for less than 30 dollars.
VM68 / PMI 3 Seal Kit -- Kit includes: 1 VM Dyna valve, 1 Lower Bolt O ring, 4 Upper Bolt O ring and 2 015 O rings.
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