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I have a Venturi Bolt that I bought back in the 90's for my Sterling and like said above by nofxkid2005 it sounds a bit different but no performance upgrade in anyway, in fact it maybe a decrease in performance. I have a Sterling I built with some crazy stuff in it using a blend of Proline, Arrow Precision, old aftermarket parts and some home made parts, when I chrono it using the Venturi bolt I'll set my speed to 280 FPS, I'll then put in a stock open face bolt in and now I'm up near 300 FPS.

just my .02 cents

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Originally Posted by psycho91 View Post
How is that
Originally Posted by BLINDMAN Pb View Post
I think he means you will cause wear on it, hurting the value, and it will have no effect on the performance. You will essentially get no benefit from "destroying" a piece of history.

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Basically, what makes venturi bolts in general goofy is threefold:

1. First, their cupped faces induce rollback, which is bad for several reasons, not the least of which is the invitation for the next paintball in line to be clipped.

2. Second, their cupped faces mean sharp edges conveniently situated to clip that next ball in the stack.

3. Third, they don't actually reduce the force on the ball from the air pulse. This is based on a complete misunderstanding of physics. What they do do, however, is to allow more of that precious air charge to pre-expand, further reducing efficiency in an already inefficient marker.

If you hog one out, you have removed none of the bad things about the bolt. If anything, you've made it worse.

And you've also ruined the resale value of that item.

By far the best bolt for the VM is the plain-Jane stock bolt.

Hope that helps.
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