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Can you take pics of the "tri burst"? I'm a visual person

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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
Another option, if they still make it, is the "Tri-Burst".
When the double-trouble came out, I wanted it.... but didn't want to pay that much.

By chance, I happen to see an advertisement in a shooting magazine for something called a "Tri-Burst". It attached to your trigger guard, to make a firearm shoot a 3-shot burst, and still be legal. It was only $20, so I bought it.

When it arrived, I was a little disappointed. It consisted of a LONG trigger, connected to a cam with 3 "pegs" on it. When you pull the trigger, the pegs would activate a linkage, which would push the real trigger.... 3 times.

It sorta worked when you pulled slow, but didn't seem to work at all when you pulled fast. So, not very usefull, but it might offer an alternative approach for an external mechanicam using a cam-shaft, with 2 or 3 sprockets.

Wow, what was that? like 15-20 years ago? I remember that ad.
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Wow- Even a picture of the parts.... nice.

That came out at the same time as the "Hellfire", and similar bump-fire kits. Basically, legal ways to get full-auto. California banned them in the mid 90s, and they sorta died out since they lacked any purpose. Some were very sophisticated.

A variation on the triburst above would be something even simplier:
A "rachet" trigger.

Basically, build a second trigger that is attached to a rachet gear. Basically, like the gears on a 10-speed. The gear will advance the wheel, would has an actuator that pushes the trigger.

So, pulling the trigger advances the wheel, releasing does not. SO, then add another "rachet" gear for the reverse stroke. Both driving the same wheel. So that pulling, AND releasing both advance the wheel in the same direction.

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I tink I undertand....
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update - still looking

Okay, I'm still looking. I had one in my hands, but he sold the gun to an 8 year old nephew of his.

I just need one to duplicate and then I can make copies. I have the person who will make the duplicates already to go.

Still looking

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still looking
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Still looking for one of these.

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