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I personally love the IR3 marker right out of the box.

I have owned 2 IR3's, a few LCDs, and 5 LED's....

The LED markers I think are a "tinker toy",.. they can be made up of "parts" found anywhere and you can bypass a lot of features due to the setup of the gun in its early stages.

There is an Angel that I dont think most of you remember,.. because it was so overlooked when companies like Adrenaline, Cobra, Warped Sportz, and Eclipse came along with the LED and LCD custom line,....

When the Angel came out,... in the press release,.. it had a regulator that was operated with a on-off push button built in,.... those LEDs are PRETTY RARE.

But even more so than those: Just after WDP switched out the push button regulator with a common regulator most people had, there was a FEW LED Angels that came factory direct with a single trigger and was a solid color (Green, Purple, and Blue were the choices) with a jewel on the right side that said "Angel' in black text and had a red "L.E." cut across the "Angel" text in a downward to upward angle (left to right). There was no jewel on the top of the gun as i recall.

I have only seen 1 of these guns,..... I look for them all the time in the forums and have yet to see another one.

Shortly after (in 1999), WDP released the Angel SE (special edition Angel LED) which had a double trigger with built in guard and Jacko barrel.

Are the Adrenaline and private label Angels prettier?,... Id say so.
But for a collector,.. the Angel LE is super rare.
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MY Eclipse LED

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Also my IR3 not sure if it is a specialty anno or what cause nobody else has any info, wish i had a charger to see if the battery was still good in it since it hasn't been used in forever.

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