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LCD electronic issue

i just bought this LCD, and it has a lucky board with spitfire chip. its super fast, and i like it alot. however, i got rid of the trigger ghost that was in it, and now im onto a weirder issue.

when i boot the board up, it flashes green, meaning the battery is still good. however, after usually the first 2-5 pulls, the LED continues to flash, but the noid doesn't click anymore. now, if i trade out that battery, it works fine, until i leave it overnight with a battery in it. then it will do the same thing. these are 9 volts remember.

so, clearly the battery is being drained while the gun is off, thats fine, its a digital chip set, these things happen. but what im wondering deeper down is if the soliniod is going toast. mainly becuase i think it might be drawing more current than it normally does, and thus draining the battery fast. either that or like any inductor, its shorting out, and thus draining my battery that way.

any thoughts?
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First question...Are you sure the batteries are good?If the board is drawing current when it is off that is easy to check.Disconnect the battery.Hook an amp meter in series with the battery and board.Turn the gun on. Shoot it a few times and then see how much current is being drawn when the gun is turned off.Now what I am not sure of is how much the solenoid actually draws normally.But if you can find another solenoid of the same type then you could compare to see if you have a solenoid issue or a board issue.The other thing I'm not sure of is how much current the board would actually use normally on or off.Suppose if I had my amp meter here at home I could give a rough estimate off my electronic guns.
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yeah, i dont have my meter up here with me. kinda sucks. and the batteries were new before putting them in it. im not super concerned about battery life, but if the noid is dieing, thats a whole nother issue.
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k, i went out and bough some brand new bats, so im running an experiment here im gonna leave a streight out of the package bat in there over night, try it out tomarrow, and then while in out of town over the weekend and see how it works out.
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Lucky boards tend to eat batteries. I would first go through and check all the settings on the board. It shouldn't drain a battery overnight. Also check your battery plug and make sure the wires are routed to the proper place on the board. I had a few of them with the plugs on backwards. They either wouldn't work, or would chew batteries faster than normal. Another thing to look at are the solenoid wires, alot of the time they get pinched when reassembling the frame to the body.
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