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California MCB Campout March 19-20

So I've been kicking around this idea I had for a cool weekend of pb here in California. It's inspired by the Bacci Mountain campout.
I think I found the ideal location for it too.

Ive been talking closely with the owner of a field close to Bakersfield.
Figure 2 hours north drive from downtown LA.
He's got close to 10 scenario/spool/town/woodsball fields on something like 50 acres of land and even 2 airball fields. One is a beautiful arena for spectators.
He's given me full reign to organize this weekend and quite frankly I'd like some help doing it.
There's terrific level shaded ground for tent camping.
A small vacant house to use for sleeping baggers.
And porta pottys.
He'll provide charcoal BBQ's.
Closest hotel, La Quinta, is about 10 miles away.
He's not doing this for a princely profit either in fact the full weekend price is dirt cheap.
20 buxx
That's all he's asking.
We negotiated this price and he's doing it more as a favor to me and also to help get exposure for his field.
He's got 4.5k air fills, CO2, and good paint to buy.

Ive been going to this field a handfull of times already and Ive had a good time, every time.
We would be staging opposite from where his walkons staging is, about a 1/4 mile away.
Pump has gotten more popular there in the last few months and he even went and purchased a fleet of pump rentals.

There's two cool town fields that are seperated by a dry creekbed and woods. I watched an 80 person airsoft battle this last Sunday take place there and each tried to unseat the other town, kinda cool.

I'm thinking after the New Year maybe early spring before it gets too hot.
I'm open for any good weekend that the majority favors.
Im hoping the location encourages both North and South California MCB's to attend.
I just thought we could start planning it now and throw out ideas beforehand.
Don't PM me, just post here.

Ok folks, help me out please.


Unofficial Attendees List:

Gilly+4 some red flesh and uncooked tortillas
Sean Chipsoda, condiments, bacon
RElliot, Crandell,+1Ribs, potato salad,cole slaw, OJ, muffins, yogurt, fruit
Tacolex+1 carne asada
Hurtcow crack dip/ firewood
Dack Maddy+2
tedaut tri-tip/ links
Baccicinnamon pancakes
Forsaken Exile+2
Big Trucker+2
Sniper42, Echo,+1burgers, buns, gramas burritos
panamapumper4 water cases, mystery meat
The Glyph
DaedinPBTritip, rolls, bacon, eggs
pk5Blue Moon soda
ta2maki, wolfen4054,+1
Whee McGee+1 paper goods
the Chemistchili, Miller Beer
bigbthebenjihot dogs, buns

Not really wanting to do an itinerary persay but here was the general plan for the BBQ. We wil do an informal quick lunch breaktime for Saturday. Once we are ALL done playing for the day, we'll get cleaned up and fire up the grills. Figure when there's still a good couple of hours left of daylight. We'll have a designated area to do all the cooking and laying out of the foods. Everyone should help prepare or setout things. We'll eat til content then start the bonfire for winding down and storytelling. Sound good?

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This could be fun Gilly! I would let Dan know what you are trying to put together and let him work some of his networking magic. I'll be keeping an eye on the thread and pointing others this way
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I'd definetly be down for this and I'm sure Alex would be too!

Keep us posted!
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Duude, this looks like a lot of fun! I'd be game for this especially since I couldn't make it to Bacci's .

Do you know if he's got fire rings at the tent sites or what the story might be for campfires?
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I hope this goes down before I go to Afghanistan and I can make it.
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i may have to make a special trip for this... just sayin.
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This sounds awesome
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Hellz yeah let's do it!!

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I am up for it too.
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Is this a Poso or is it the one that's just north of the airport? Or someplace differant?
Just wondering where in Bake-O this is.

Would be strange to go back to Bake-o to play paintball after living there for 5 years (my secret shame) LOL
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