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Originally Posted by kill-n-spree View Post
Decay is FPO. If you were smart, you purchased all of your paint in advance to save money. They had the mid grade labeled as a CASE OF PAINT. Not 1600 balls. I ordered like 6 cases and when I went to pick them up I grabbed the first case and noticed it was light. I opened it up and pulled out a bag, and was like WTF is this? I pitched a fit and got them to upgrade me to a real case of paint for like 10 more bucks. I have been playing pretty regular for the last 16 years and I have never seen anything like that.
yeah, it's fpo, and yeah, examples like yours is one reason why i don't pre-order most things. i prefer seeing the product before i buy it, maybe even read everything on the box if i can.
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Ok, long post but here goes.

I hate how your refs play favorites. You have your one local team, the name escapes me at the moment, that comes out on the weekends. This organized speedball team of probably around 10 or so goes on to wipe the field clean every game. I always speak up to the refs because every single one of your refs tends to be completely oblivious to what a fair team is. They won't even bat an eye at this team clearing out the field every game until someone speaks up. And even then, they will split that team up, which only stays split for about a game before rejoining again.

Another thing is your lack of organization throughout the day. You are incredibly slow to get games started in the morning and the wait between games all day is ridiculous. There should be MAYBE a five minute wait between games at the most. Now I have heard your argument is that you want to give players time to get ready. However this leads to the players not hurrying at all for the next game, as they know that they have an ample amount of time to get ready for the next game. If you can speed up the turnaround, then it would be ok if you missed a game or two, as there would be another game in a few minutes.

Another thing is the size that you let walk-on groups get before you split them. It should never have to be 100+ players on one field, that is just too many.

And I think it would be fun to play some of the back fields more often. They wouldn't be so overgrown if you would play them more often and people would have a chance to tramp down a lot of the overgrown weeds.

Now, the issue with your scenario games. I was very excited when I first heard about Decay of Nations. However, you were seriously lacking in your organizational skills. The first morning of every game we have gone to so far, you didn't start until 10 a.m., the most recent game not starting until almost noon. You don't have to wait until every player is there to give rules, if they miss the rules, tough, they get to sit and listen to rules while the early birds get to play.

Your rule organization and enforcement was very poor. Many of the rules were extremely vague and unclear. For example, it takes two rockets to take a tank out. However, almost all of the refs were oblivious to most rocket shots. They weren't paying attention and would miss many of the hits; as a result, the attacking players would need numerous shots to take out a tank. It seemed as if many of these referees had not touched the rule book, and were just players taken in to help ref the games, which in the case of the most recent scenario was true. They ought to be trained better for the scenario and be more familiar with scenario rules.

Also, I think you should pick generals that are more willing to work with smaller, less known teams and walkon players in regards to missions. The generals in the past years often blew us off in favor of their well-known scenario teams like OCMI and Socal Ghosts.
And as to why you pick one of the hottest months of the year in which to hold this scenario is beyond me.
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Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
CNC's are for nerds...
MCB Feedback

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Hey sniper42,

I cannot speak for the walk-on/recball side of things, but I can at least say something in regards to the scenario side.

I see in your sig that you are on a paintball team. Gio has asked me to put out the word that he wants to have a teams meeting on Saturday, June 25 at HSP at 10 am. If you, or your teams representative, goes to this meeting, at least you can tell Gio how you feel about Decay's in years past and maybe offer suggestions. Email Chris IQ at and CC: Gio at to reserve a spot.

I can tell you that he does take a lot of suggestions from players, but he knows he cannot please all the players all the time. I have been to all 4 Decay of Nations and from 2 to 4 it slowly has gotten better. Of course it always needs work and no matter how much you plan, it never does come out the way you want it.
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