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0utlaw71 11-04-2012 06:19 PM

Socal Family Pump Teams?
We want to start a team we are looking for Teams to play we are a mixture of old guys with ours kids youngest being 10

we are looking for fun and friends

Stitch 11-04-2012 09:43 PM

few more details might help find some candidates

SoCal is a huge place - what fields do you frequent? the gathering place would be a good sign if folks can join ya. Additionally what days and how often do you like to play - what venues (Airball, Woodsball, Scenario, mixed)

leading into - as a team what are your goals - what do you want to promote?

What kind of commitment and goals do you have - just rec, some events, some tournaments or scenarios - etc

set up a facebook or a site - social media is huge when starting up a team and for getting other teams to scrimmage with ya

rofl - serious mode off

sounds fun - Matteedays starting up again in January I think he said - that might be a good venue to get a few games in too and meet some of the SoCal crew.

MetalMover has his Scenario events going on at SC Village

TCG (The Camo Guy) does a fun game out from time to time

TPG (Those Pump Guys) have a pump/pistol day but they also play tourneys too if thats your cup o tea.


TIJUANAIRONMAN 11-12-2012 11:47 PM

My Team Evil Intent is made up of guys ranging from 12yrs old to 50+
We're a bunch of easy going guys and play mostly at SC,ASG and the Ranch. We've also attended a few of TPG's Pump Days including the last one at Camp Pendelton (it was a blast) PM me if you want to set something up. One of my co-workers also has a few Family private games throughout the year. My Wife works for LAPD and they also have a lot of Family/Fundraising events at SC Village.

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