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SPEW VII April 8th-9th 2017

(waiting for final sponsors)

I'm excited to announce Niche Paintball as this year's major contributing sponsor.
Robert Lane has graciously committed to donating several of his masterfully crafted pumps as prizes.
Details to follow.
Poso Creek Paintball in Bakersfield, Ca is the site again for this yearly gathering. It's the weekend before Easter Sunday so no excuse for you Spring-Breakers.
For those uninitiated to the splendors of this wonderful park there is :

55 acres of woods
2 towns
7 scenario fields
Grass camping for about 30 tents
Level parking for 50+ RV's
Running water

The prepaid price will include field fee for two days, air both days, 1 limited edition SPEW 7 shirt, camping, and firewood for both days and now each attendee gets one raffle ticket to be held on Saturday Night for the General Raffle.
Walz is building another wonderful creation which will headline this raffle as well as the stacks of other prizes and more guns too!
Only one ticket will be given to each paid attendee for the General raffle.

The Niche guns will be a separate raffle.
$1 per ticket or 6 for $5
No ticket limit, must be present to claim, Saturday night drawing as well.
I'll be collecting cash for this drawing on check-in morning Saturday.

We have procured a wonderful amount of sponsorships this year and the prizes are great.
If you have any connections that want their logo on the shirts have them get in touch with me to make printing deadline!
The raffle will be quality!

Shirts (1st come / 1 served basis) will be included in the prepay reduced price. The cutoff for paying/ordering your specific sized shirt will be Valentines Day February 14th. Don't wait. Every year we sell out.
I have to enforce the deadline to ensure we making final production in time for the event.
They are designed by artist Chris Corcino of Contract Killer and are becoming highly sought after.
I'll post the final design once it's finished.

$65 prepay package price=includes the field fee for 2 days mentioned above and 1 shirt and 1 General raffle ticket!
$50 field fee Only= day of event for both days (no shirt)

$20 shirt fee Only= day of event (leftover sizes if you didn't prepay. I'll be tallying a list of interested parties based on check-in order.)

New Option= If you want to purchase any extra shirts as a paid attendee the cost is $15 per shirt. Include the extra shirt size you'll want in the Paypal total and comments.

Additional Option=For those that cannot attend. Shirts can be ordered for $22 which includes shipping. Extra shirts can be ordered for $17mailed to same address.
Final shirt ordering deadline will be Valentine's Day!.

Note: Shirt sizes larger than 2XL add $5 each

Here is the Paypal address for your payments.

Paypal address =
Be sure to put your real name and I'll need your shirt size too.
Send it as a family/friend payment please. Fees killed me sorry.

We will do our usual Potluck BBQ Saturday night. Follow this thread for your contribution item please.

Potluck Breakfast Sunday morning. Post here what you'll bring.

Saturday night we will have a Movie Night sponsored by Gen.
Start submitting your requests!

Also, setup your own Peddlers table and sell off your unused items. There's bargains to be made! The field owner is encouraging this as he stated to me he's looking to buy a ton of useable goods.

Troy Edward of Dragon Sports will supply paint if you need some. Message him for prices or he'll post them.

Pumps Only all weekend!!
Saturday is Open Class, any pump.
We will do some stock class only games on Sunday for the purists.
Stick feeds, must reload with tubes, any air source.

The owner graciously allows us to have alcohol after we are done playing.
Please remember to drink responsibly.

The sooner you Register, the sooner you secure your preferred shirt.

See everyone there! Everyone is welcome! No invitation necessary!
Rain or Shine its On!


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Amazing can't wait!
feedback here -
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Excited to play both days this year!
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Brass and Wood Fan
Sunkistsniper on XBL and Minecraft. Sunkist_Sniper on PS4.
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Paid Attendees =Shirts

David Adhoot - XXL XXL
Brendan Adhoot - LG
Craig Palmer - XL + LG
William Rorie - LG + XL + XXL (Shirts Only)
Greg Lewis + Wife - XXL + LG
Frank Wang - LG
Branden Halstead - LG
James Mendez - XXL
David Coronel - XL
Antonio Moreno - XL
Rick Elliott- XL
Don Howard- XXL XXL
Arthur Pena - XXL
Jim Lucas- XL XL
Jerry Vomacka - XL
John Vomacka - LG
Chad Garcia - LG
Mean Gene- XL XL
Todd Fonzo - LG
Christopher Montoya- MD
Clint Quinney- (2) MD XXL
Ric DelaCruz - XXL
Todd Winokur - XL
Stephen Santorsola - LG LG XL
Darren Musick - XL
Jose Maduera (4 people)- MD XXL XXL XXL
Zac Darrow - LG
Max Darrow -LG XL
Thaddeus Rose - MD
Michael Parker - XXL
Pat Wallner - XXXL
2 Gunz (shirt only) - XL
Curt Hough- LG
Jeff Quittman - XL
Mike Yan - LG
James Lee - XXL
Ryan Lee - SM
Austin Schramm - MD
Geoff Wakefield - XL
Nino Belfortti (shirt only) - XL
Coleman Elliott - MD
Chris Van Horn - MD
Wally Zumini - (10 players - 12 shirts) LGx7 MDx3 XSx2
Angel Jamie - XXL
Monica Jamie - MD
Rick Cendejas - LG
Brian Betz - XL
Sarah Betz - LG
Dan Bacci - MD
Daniel Knight - 4XL
Ray Ocampo - XXL
Porsche Ocamp - SM
Sev Rezian - MD
Russell Miller - XXXL
Benji Silverstein (1 entry) - MD LG XL
Daniel Mcdiarmid - XL
Fidel Rangel - XXL
Rommie Carrillo - MD
Alex Carillo - LG
Analicia Montoya - SM
Noah Claverie - MD
William Kerigan - XL
Michael Grimm - MD
David Lau - MD
Keith Collins - XL
Clayton Collins - MD
Michiko Grise - LG
Don Langworthy - XL
Jeremiah Meyer - XL
Adam Alpago - MD
Duc Phung - MD
Mitch Gainer - XL XL
+1 guest - XL
Carlos Kameko - LG
Mike Hernandez = XXL
Troy Dragonsportz = XL
Robert Brandon = XXL
Wally Z. = XXL
James Inoue = XXL
Jamie Magana = XL
Alec Valenciano = XXL
Geoffrey Cercado = XL
Fenton Taylor = LG
Fred Stolte = LG
Connor Black = LG
Ramiro Buenrostro- XXXL
Richard Draeper
Fernando Feldman - LG
Alex Feldman- MD
Nino Belfortinni -XL
Marcelle Palmore- MD
Raeden Guenther-Palileo - XL
Ismael Fregoso - MD

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Reserved for potluck contributions

Walz--- shredded BBQ chicken and chunky BBQ tri- tip sandwiches with tortillas and melted cheese
Fresh fruit and veggie plates
Pancake- spam musubi with rice
Fullofpaint- pierogi stuffed with kielbasa w/ potato and cheese
James Lee - Korean BBQ Ribs
David Coronel - Pepperoni
Ric DeLaCruz - Chicken Adobo
Todd Winakur - Pasta
Benji - Utensils
Gilly - Pizza Oven and fixins

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Brendan and David Ahdoot are paid and looking forward to SPEW VII!
I also added an additional t-shirt for me.
"This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age." Obi-Wan, while showing a pump to Luke.
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cant wait for this, last year was crazy fun!
My Feedback
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Awesome been looking forward to going again I had such a great time thank you for making this happen.
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Uhm, forgive me perhaps... but... who is Robert Lane?

Doing my best to make everybody else look fast on the field.

Un2XS Feedback

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