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Shake and Bake Street Ball this Sunday Aug. 6th @ WAP in Zamora off the 505

I am hosting an event this Sunday at Wild Adventure Paintball (WAP) in Zamora off of the 505 with over $1200 worth of donated prizes to give away. I call it the Muddy Bloody 4^4 shake and bake invitational. Gates open at 10 am, play starts at 11am.

Well you are in luck because some friends I picked the dates around can no longer make it so I am opening up the event to the public. Please PM me to paypal me and reserve your spot. Spots will be available on a first come first serve basis on the day of the event until no more spots are left. Only cash will be accepted then. 20 player limit, with 7 spots pre-paid and reserved already.

When I opened up pbnation to post this thread on their Northern California forums, pbnation showed me that I had written this draft before a few months ago and never posted:

"Hey yall. Starting a team named Muddy Bloody. Hoping to play a variety of local and West Coast events, including AFPL, UWL, scenarios, assorted pump tournaments, nxl 10 man, and mech leagues, and other tourneys we decide to play as a team and can get the players together for. So far have been playing Nxl 2v2's with friends under the name. I donated a gun to the upcoming fatal scenario 2v2 pump tournament, in part to help get the team name out there."

Well now my NXL 2v2 season is over. And I am looking to build my team and franchise. I want to celebrate, get the word out, pull people out of the wood works and stodgy airball scene, have my friends meet each other, and give new people a footing in the scene. I am quickly becoming addicted to organizing this event and have pulled a few all nighters preparing for this to make sure everybody gets more than their moneys worth.

$44 per player
Gravity Fed hoppers only
Race to 4
4 vs 4 players
4 teams, 20 player limit
Teams randomized and decided at the beginning of the day and pick their own names.
5 players per team, 1 alternate serves as coach for the point
Coaching encouraged
Every team will play every team. Finals will be race to 4 between 1st and 2nd place decided by points. Tie breakers by 1 vs 1’s. Sideline coaching and heckling is encouraged.
Consolation 10 vs 10 matches on hyperball, 1st and 4th place teams vs 2nd and 3rd place teams.
Potluck BBQ, extra prizes, mini games, merchandise for sale, and videos posted to youtube.
Every player gets a prize. First place players get first pick. 2nd place get second pick. 3rd place get 3rd pick. 4th get 4th pick.

Bring your own paint event. The Field has paint for sale as well.

Prizes include:
5 Pods packed full of $30 of swag
5 20% off gift certificates to NorCal PB shop
Goat media package $50 gift certificate, and $40 off a $100 purchase
5 $80 CCM gift certificates and 1 $100 gift certificate
2 passes to Fatal Scenarios at the end of the month
4 $15 Bacci Paintball gift certificates
5 $35 Stanchy Customs gift certificates
2 Pump militia shirts
5 Almost Famous Paintball League shirts (arriving later today, not sure how many)
1 Muddy Bloody shirt
3 Muddy Bloody bandannas

Hoppers donated by Norcal Pb
Painted by yours truly

T-ball tees with airhorns ducktaped to them

Manual flipping soccer board

10 second recording feature

Match Videos by:
Jake from Norcal

Potluck BBQ
Organizing via google docs
Please PM me to figure out what to bring


Safety first. Glory second. Community third. Fun always.

Chrono beginning of each match and point

Teams decided by self ranking players as beginner medium and advanced and putting their names in respective hats .
Draw beginner players first, then medium, then advanced to make teams.

Self reffed event. We may have a head ref, we may not. We will have a MC to start our games for us and watch the time. Each team, when not up to play the next game, must be the refs for the field.

5 minute point limits
5 second count, game starts on siren
Team starts with gun touching buzzer pole
To win the game you must hit the opposing sides buzzer.

Switch sides after each point.
5 players per team 4 vs 4 matches.
Alternate one player after each point.

Heckling and sideline coaching is encouraged

Pick team name together in morning.

Each player must come up with a team chant for each match on a rotating basis. Consists of 3 words. Captain yells first word, team yells second word, captain and team yell third word together.

Team chants are optional for finals match.

Gravity fed hoppers only. Or well tube fed is ok too. But no springs, no agitators, no motors, no mags. Gravity only. A suction timed autococker would be ok, but a tippman a5 would not be.

Semi auto only.

Cheaters will be warned, watched, and spat at. First time caught cheating you will be pulled immediately and a teammate will be pulled, 1 for 1. If it happens multiple times you will be asked to leave the event. This is about fun. Lets get muddy and bloody not be cheaty or fighty. Everybody will get a prize and there is plenty of variety for everyone to be happy.

I am posting this now, may edit it later. Will keep you all updated. Thanks for reading!!!!! Hope to see you there.

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added this mini game
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highlight reel from the event" width="644" height="390">" />">
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