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[Sunday's] Hollywood Sports Paintball Park - LA

Can anyone give me any insight into what its like on Sunday's at Hollywood Sports Paintball Park in Los Angeles?

I'll be in LA for a work event next weekend. I'm staying on sunday (an extra day) and wanted to check out HSP just because its been on the bucket list and figured since I'm out there I might as well play.

Are sunday's ok there? Does it make sense for me to bring my gear (I'm in North Carolina).

Thanks for your insights.
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I live by it and let me tell you, i rather drive 30 miles to SC village instead.
Dudes there take paintball like it's real war, scenarios are small and only 4 of them to play in. You gotta buy their expensive and crappy paint no matter what, and if you play 12 grams and don't use their refill stations, you still gotta pay for air, dumb.

SC village has more than 10 scenarios, BYOP, and refs/ppl are more friendly (been going there for the last 5 years)

I might go on Sunday.

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I'd second that. HSP is cool to play once on each field to say you've been. But they take forever to get games going and turnout is hit or miss. I've been there when it's packed and when it was literally just me and the rental group I brought. It's FPO and unless you buy the good stuff, the house paint has 1600 rounds instead of 2000.

If you can spare the time SC Village is a better choice for sure, though still pretty slow to run games. We usually alternate between the beginner and intermediate games to get more spins. You just need a gravity feed to play in beginner games.

If you don't mind lugging your gear, I would. Their rentls are fine, but it's still a rental haha.
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