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SPEW IX "The Three Spewgies" April 12-14


I am pleased to announce this year's SPEW IX theme boys and girls.
We will pay tribute to the timeless trio of these laughable characters and incorporate our yearly migration to the lush landscape once again of Poso Creek Paintball in Bakersfield, CA.

Dates: April 12-14, 2019
Place: Poso Creek Paintball, Bakersfield Ca.
Time: Anytime between Friday and Sunday.
Rain or Shine sorry no refunds.
Price; $75 BYOP
Includes :3-Days play, Unlimited air, Camping, Limited Edition SPEW IX t-shirt, 1-General Raffle ticket.


Specify shirt size in paypal comments. Add $5 for larger than XXL.

I know the price spiked but the field owner has mandated the increase, citing overhead costs. It's still a good value though.
No need to describe all the virtues of the venue.:Towns, Woodsball, Spools, and Airball arena.
I will go over some slight changes he's asked us to abide by.
The permission to have open wood fires will be determined on the current conditions once we get into Spring. It can change.
He's asked that we not pilfer wood from the creek. He will be selling bundles.
The inner grass area will be for the vendors.
All camping and RV's will have to remain outside.
Please be considerate and maximize space.
As always he is allowing alcohol once you are done playing. Please be responsible and take the time to clean up after your campsites too.
Patches will be made and available.
There will be the usual General raffle with wonderful prizes and that is limited to the (1) ticket each attendees receives.
The Special Raffle will have unlimited ticket purchases and expect CCM gun(s)
Yup you heard it! (You must be present to claim)

Saturday will be the Potluck BBQ
Sunday morning Potluck Breakfast

More to follow and feel free to post up questions.

See you all there!


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Paid Attendees and shirt size

Fred Stolte LG
Jimmy Magan XXL
Clint Quinny XXL
Mandy Carter MD
James Inoue XXL
Don Wyllie XXL
Jim Lucas XL
Anson Hietman LG
Aaron Froke XL
Devin Riker MD
Curt Hough XL
RJ Gedand XL
Robert Brandon XXL
Curtis Halkyard XL
Ramiro Buenrrostro XXL
Phoung Nguyen MD
Chris Van Horn LG
Frank Corrales XL
James Koselka XL
Rudy Mieth XL
William Rorie XL
Doug Morlan 4X
Jimmy Hayes 3X
Steve Borst XXL
John Bergsma XL
Angel Garcia 3X
Wiliam Brehm XXL
and Son XL
Kyle Weiner XL
Nicholas Riley ?
David Coronel XXL
Frank Wang LG
Brendan Adhoot LG
David Adhoot 3X
Sev Rezian LG
Robert Stryker XL
Sean Stryker MD
Daniel Boersch XL
Ashton Boersch LG
B-Cuzz 1 Kenny Chadd 2X
B-Cuzz 2 Justin Chadd 2X
B-Cuzz 3 Gary Russell LG
B-Cuzz 4 Cloeie Russell MD
B-Cuzz 5 Brian Chadd XL
B-Cuzz 6 Unkown SM
Alex Gonzalez 2X
Jason Aho LG
Tina Letlow XL
Logan Brandon XL
Luke Brandon MD
Matt Isaki LG
Jacob Funk LG
David Odell XL
Arwen Odell SM
Gary Holt XL
Skyler Emery MD
Matt Gonzalez LG
Adam Huaracha XXL
Juan Silva XL
Ryan Bernstein LG
Steven Santorsola XL
+ Guest XL
Gabriel Carreno XL
Mariela Carreno MD
Arthur Pena XXL
Alejandro Gonzalez XXL
Juan Figueroa XXL
Jerry Vomacka LG
Fernando Feldman LG 3X
Alex Feldman LG
Gregory Loflin XL
Christopher Montoya MD
Michael Hernandez 2X
Kevin Sandretto MD
Daniel Knight 4X
Matthew Fochtman MD
Jesus Morales XL
Russell Miller 3X
Julio Medina XL
Ricardo Delacruz 2X
" Guest XL
Jimmy Li XL
Jared Kobayashi LG
Koby Kobayashi XL
Geoffrey Cercado XL
John Vomacka XL
Branden Halstead LG
James Mendes 2X
Ben Silverstein LG
Jose Meduena 3X
Art Meduena 3X
Jimmy Grise LG
James Lee 2X
Ryan Lee SM
Evan Lee SM
Robert Pratt 5X
Alejandro Gonzalez 2X
Mark Sager 5X
Fidel Rangel 2X
Julian Rangel XL
Adam Howard LG
Troy Edwards XL
Edgar Orozco MD
Christian Vidrio MD
Felipe Zavala LG
German Nielson LG
Miguel Gomez LG
Jeff Tufts LG
Xavier Esquivel 2X
Salar Shirazi LG
Ismael Fregoso MD
RJ Ticson XL
Chino Sports 2X
Jacob Bloom XL
Bryndon Allen XL
Larry De La Briandais LG
Kyle Brown LG
Mike Duncan XL
Glen Rusche ? Deposit Only
Joseph Arana ?
Manuel Ramos 2X
+ Guest 2X
+ Daughter LG
Jeff Nakagawa 2X
Brandon Herschel 2X
Christian Valazquez ?
Carlos Valasquez ?
Steve Cunha LG
Mike Burkhart XL
Connor black XL
Angel Jaime 2X

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reserved for food contributions
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Whats the price for just T-Shirts??

JF Paintball & Airsoft
Grass Valley, CA
(530) 273-3582
Everything to Get You in the GAME!

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We don't lower the bar so that everyone can get an A. That's a foolish notion.
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$25 shipped each
$5 more for XXL +
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Brass and Wood Fan
There like back hair. Also payed up.

Large shirt please.
Sunkistsniper on XBL and Minecraft. Sunkist_Sniper on PS4.

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In like flynn!!!
Have a Grateful Day!

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There, not square!!! (unless you count my expected guests, then it should be "squared")
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I'll be there! All paid up.

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