What Is It? Even after cleaning off the dust.... Still don't know what you have? Let the knowledgeable old-timers help you out

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Nelspot 007?

Just purchased on ebay for 50 bucks. Was it worth it? Seller didnt indicate if the marker was operational or not. Could someone tell me about how old this one could be?
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not a bad grab for it. made by Nelson Paintball Company in the mid 80's . Dropout changer-
I know if you want to restore it that the original pump and grips are still available through Nelson-
check out the nelson owners group for the details on function/internals

Nice grab overall!!
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Year is 83 ish on that model. Note the lack of barrel sleave and lack of magizine stop. Its a pretty botched up mess as it sits, but not a bad price. I recomend finding a replacement body (that has not been hacked for DF) and stirp everything down, repaint, polish the internals, and you'll have a good gun. You might add a lapco, or other anti kink bolt and hammer. Ammerican Paintball has some generic non-adjustable anti kink bolts for $20 IIRC, youll need to drill the hammer to fit/ or buy one that fits. Also you'll need to tune the gun. For that you'll need a few powertubes( stock will work fine but IF you want more than 30 shots youll want somthing else genrealy speaking) and a spring kit. Follow the link in my signature line to the Nelson Owners Group, B has some great tech articles over there, and If I ever finish redrawing my parts explosion Ill post that over there too.
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