What Is It? Even after cleaning off the dust.... Still don't know what you have? Let the knowledgeable old-timers help you out

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Appraisal: Green JT Flex 7 IZE

So was BSing with the guys at the field a while back, and the discussion of mask came up. I was informed that Flex 7 IZE's are going for pretty good money these days, which was a surprise to me, as I figured they were probably pretty cheap/worthless. Anyway, I have this green Flex 7 IZE that's just been sitting around. Kind of curious what it might go for these days. It's not in perfect shape, and a little dirty still (I just did a quick wipe down to remove dust before taking the photos), the IZE/iridium lens coating has a few problems, but it's almost all there (missing left ear foam), the rubber is still flexible/not badly warped, and the strap is still elasticity. It actually looks better in person as the flash tends to highly things that are really visible to the naked eye.


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You might have missed the rush on these. Try $75-100. All the ones over $100 seem to be sitting
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Thanks. To be honest, I'm just surprised there's any demand. I would have probably thrown it into a Craigslist deal. I usually throw a cheap mask in with any lower-end markers I sell on Craigslist just because it's better than nothing, and sort of covers my butt (worried some idiot might buy a cheap marker, shoot themselves in the eye with it, and then try to sue me).

I took it to the field with me last weekend and upon seeing it, the owners son immediately offered me $50, and one of the refs said he'd beat it (didn't say by how much). Another ref told me I should keep it, because he knows I like collecting/using old-school stuff. I'm just not sure I really need to keep it sitting around collecting dust any longer if I'm not going to use it (happy with my Profiler), and it can bring me a little paint money.
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I just did the same recently with a Grey IIZE with a member on here. He ran a favor for me so I couldn't say no, sold them for 45+shipping. If you can get 75-100 for these, go for it

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Lol it was me that bought the grey ize from frank! Hes right price jumps around 50 to 100 depending on market, sorry i already have a green one, bought that one new years back, try cleaning it up and carefully dipping the bottom in boiling water and reshaping, but be careful, just a little dip for 10 secs and shape, a little at a time, if you clean it youll get max buck for it, i would say as it sits easily 60ish but like frank said if you can get more go for it
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