What Is It? Even after cleaning off the dust.... Still don't know what you have? Let the knowledgeable old-timers help you out

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The Sheridan is definitely made by Stan Russell and Earon Carter and was either sold by Stan and Earon as a Marauder or Mac 1 as an Annihilator (Gen 1). Is there a date on the tank? It's likely 87 or 88?
Read more about the Gen 1 annihilators here:
Jay "The Old Buzzard" Jackson and early Annihilators - Old News Paintball History

Pump handle is unusual. I at first thought it could have been a Sheridan pump handle made by Bud Orr but now I am unsure of that.
Edit, as Darren wrote, the team engraving would be on the top of the barrel in front of the site, or on the sides of the sight rail. There are examples of both styles in that article above (I think). It would be obvious. The lower tubes 5mm engraving indicates it was built from a Sheridan pellet pistol (EB pistol I think). Many of these were made from pellet pistols though since Stan and Earon's supply dried up, likely from Sheridan moving to increase paintball production and Jeff Perlmutter (at PMI) attempting to cut off the supply of available pellet pistols as a cheaper opportunity to build scratch paintball pistols (this last part is speculation though).

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Dan as always I bow to your knowledge and expertise. My concern is (as a very interested buyer) what kind of value would you place this as? I've kind of got a number in my head and I'm really looking for a more definitive answer. I know Third of Five is also interested, so... how much can I pawn my adult son's for is the next question?
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The nylon tank cover is preventing me from removing the tank without risking damage to the cover.

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Here's a question for people from the were these two guns perceived when they were current tech? When the sniper came out did Sheridan guys think it was the dope or were there a lot of nay sayers? Was the sniper highly regarded and if so what kept people from that aluminum Sheridan?

Or was it just luck and the eventual release of the autococker they really put who on the map?
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Just in case someone isn't stalking the buy sell trade board. These are both for sale on rare old guns.
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