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WTB Sheridan Parts/Upgrades (Sight Rail & Cooper-T bolts/CA adapters/ASAs)

I WTB Your Sheridan Parts and Upgrades!

Have anything unique, interesting or just all around awesome for sheridan based guns? Lemme know cause there is a really good chance I want to buy! Wood grips are something I'd LOVE to get my hands on. I'll buy almost any wooden (of any size) grips and pump handles. Also interested in your really big, beefy metal (preferably brass but SS/S and Al also good) pump handles.

Will pay top dollar for BRASS accented parts, such as:
-Brass front stock class tube cap @ $10 OBO;
-Brass rear stock class tube plug @ $15 OBO;
-Brass RVA @ $15 OBO;
-Brass 12g knob/fassst changer knob @ $5-15 OBO;
-Brass trigger/grip panels @ $25 OBO;
-Brass pump handle @ $25 OBO;
-Brass pump rod @ $10 OBO;
-Brass bolt parts @ $5-40 OBO;
-Brass trigger @ $5-10 OBO;
-Brass trigger shoe @ $10 OBO;
-Brass trigger frame @ $75 OBO;
-Brass sights @ $10-40 OBO:
-Brass sight rail @ $20 OBO; and finally,
-Brass ANYTHING! @ $XX.xx OBO

Primarily interested in your PG and PGP parts and upgrades, but I would like to buy parts and upgrades for any and all sheridan based models as I'm looking to expand and retrofit this wing of my personal arsenal!

In terms of upgrades and aftermarket products, I wanted your Cooper-T products! If you have any sheridan or general paintball gear (such as CA parts) Cooper-T products, I will buy! Especially bolts (remember, priority is PG and PGP bolts again), sheridan CA adapters (again, PG and PGP CA adapters are the priority) and general ASA parts!

In terms of individual items that I'm REALLY motivated to buy, I really want to get my hands on a sight rail. Taso made a really clean looking sheridan sight rail and I'd love to buy this ($30 USD OBO!!!).

*All prices approximate and negotiable.
**Preferred method of payment is Money Order.
***Live up north in Canada and have something I want? No problem whatsoever. I deal with you weirdos all the time and always have had positive experiences!

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