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Wtb Tippmann pro carbine parts

My kids and I are new to the hobby. While they love slinging paint I am having more fun tearing apart and resurrecting old markers. With 5-6 going to the field at any given time, renting takes away from our paint budget. I have resurrected 2 98s so far and I have a vm68 onthe bench right now. Just got a new project pro carb and am looking for parts, specifically bolts, springs, grips and velocity adjust. Any help and suggestIons with this, and the vm68 , would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Rick
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Parts carries lots of stuff for the pro carbine still an their shipping seems pretty cheap.
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Location: SW Ontario Canada has ya covered. Also Hustle paintball has some old Carbine parts. As for springs and things ALOT of Tippmanns 98c or A5 stuff work as the pro/carbine is the origin of the CVX valve design.

I have had my own Pro/Carbine since new. In 15 years that old beast has needed only a couple things. An Air line, and a air line adapter O-ring. So the good news is once ya get it working ya likely wont need to touch it again for many years.

I have stockpiled a few spares for mine as I love that gun and will never sell it, and want to keep shooting it for decades to come. Most my spares were purchased from my local pro shop and a few from Hustle Paintball.
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Thanks for the good info. Hoping to make a quick turnaround with this and have it ready for a game my friend invited me to in a few weeks.
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