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WTB: AGD Flatline 4500 or Armageddon

Just wondering if any of these are still out there. Will consider either. I have a gazillion rebuild kits for the Armageddon, so i will likely take that first. Prefer 68/45 and would prefer it be within hydro.

Money order or personal check is how i will pay, and seller will not be expected to ship first for any reason. Lets see what y'all got.

FYI... This purchase will be pending the size of my next paycheck... I am interested and will buy if i am able.

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Try contacting tomq. I'm sure he'd be able to find what your looking for.
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I have a Flatline 4500 w/ 68 c.i. tank in great shape except it is out of hydro. Interested?
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I know this does not help you but I just bought a 68/4500 with an AGD Flatline on eBay yesterday with a BIN of $99 + $8 S&H. I have seen quite a few 3000Psi lately but the 4500 seam to be scarce. Tunamart has a new one listed on the web site for $175.00 installed but I would call to verify he has any.
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I have a AGD Flatline 4500 and Armageddon. Pm me i need to pull them out. The Armageddon is on a huge tank. I cant remember what it is. I am new to this site but came over after AO been down. Ill try to remember to log back on. If you are on PBlegions i use the same name there.
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I have a armageddon 68/45 thats in hydro. pm me about it.
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I also have a geddon with a 68/45 in hydro for another 5 months. It's in good shape, and works great.

PM if interested.
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Hey guys, due to unforseen circumstances, I need to close this. Car repairs are in order, I'll be back in a month or so guys.
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