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Walking Stick's WTB: Model 98s, Mags & More

Realized my sig was ridiculously long so posting my wants here and in more detail. Reply/PM if you have something I'm after.

AGD 'Mag Stuff

- AGD "Golden Gun" Minimag (I'd be happy with just a GG valve!)
- AGD Sydarm w/ contant air adapter

- Xtreme Depot Inc. I.T. (Intimidation Technology)
- Venomous Designs Syclone
- AGD Minimag w/ EURO slantback powerfeed (as seen in old Eclipse ads)
- AGD Automag w/ PROTOTYPE powerfeed
- PTP Micromag gen2 w/ LEFT feed
- XMT Evo

- reverse "X-VALVE"
- PTP "eMag Micro 2000"
- AGD electrified-E "E-Mag"
- Fox River Games ss "HyPerMag" w/ paintballing fox
- black "X-Mag" valve #XT00106 (original to the X-Kitty)

BARRELS ('cocker threaded):
- AGD CnC X-Mag stock barrel
- Hammerhead original scalloped-style
- White Wolf Airsmithing Freak back
- Lapco aluminum 'Cocker Auto Spirit 0.687" and Micro Shot 0.684"

- RPG Sleeper (full-length wing)
- Extreme Rage Omega (even better w/ jewel!)
- Carter Machine 5-slot

- Logic VMF v1 (with "Logic" and not a circled "L") w/ LogicBlade trigger
- Garf's pneumatic G-Force
- AOer "Mike780" custom G10 90-degree panels

- RPG SplinterBlade
- Ac!d Customs carbon fibers from Australia
- MagHog/Dan/Triggernomics double with inset gems or single
- AGD Odyssey roller

- White Wolf Airsmithing 1-pc angled
- RPG StickGrip
- RPG CP-style w/ 15 degree ASA
- anything by Cerberus Innovations

Tippmann Model 98

Special Edition Markers
- Blue-to-Red Kameleon

Unique M98 Parts
- Hypur Components (raised sight rail for springloaded sidecocker)
- Rufus Dawg (centerfeed, colored Wicked bolt)
- Air Tipps (RVA)
- Deadlywind (RVA)
- Ballistic Sports Inc. (colored Spee-T cocker)
- Jet City Specialists (blew/red hot powertubes, RVA)
- New Designz NDZ (adjustable hammer kit)
- Equalizer Paintball FireStorm Crank FC101 trigger

- AirStar Nova perforated
- Crossfire Ramrod (98, Cocker or ICD)
- Equation Design 3-piece Multiple-Switch Pro parts (T98 base)

- Insight Component Engineering (ICE) Epics & parts
- ICD 98 Desert Fox black w/ intact double trigger guard and vertical ASA
- Alien Revelation
- NW Paintball QD mounts
- NDZ Dropkicks
- ENDO drop
- Tippmann rolling duffle bag
- Hybrid leather Gunslinger grips
- colored Ricochet Apache LED shells
- pre-BE red VL Revvy shells

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Dropping a post here so I can find it later. I'm digging through my storage locker to sell stuff.

I have several things on here including a early ebolt tippy with battery mounted external and all that jazz, has a low pressure kit, Palmers fatty and gunslingers

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I have the 32* model 98 with the blue/purple marble finish, all original. Pm me
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