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Lenny 09-18-2006 01:44 AM

WTB Pumps and Random gear
I don't need anything immediately, only by next summer, so I'm taking it slow and fully pondering on all of the offers.

*NOTE: Colors of any metal peices do not matter! If I do not like the color, I will simply re-anno it or powdercoat it. Do not be affraid to offer up "ugly" colored gear!

- Good looking vertical feed Autococker body Pending

-Autococker internals Pending

- WWA alluminum pump kit

- single trigger frame

- Sniper auto-trigger kit

- Autococker beavertail DEAL CLOSED WITH jman511115

- P-68SC tuned and some minor ups would be nice. Submit offer.DEAL CLOSED WITH SEXY_CHICKEN! THANKS!

- Palmer Universal Mounting Bracket for Sheridans

- Sheridan 12g quick changer

- Sheridan velocity adjuster

- Sheridan constant air adapter

- 9oz CO2 clamps (for stock)

- Lapco T-Stock and Cradle (the California style one).

- 9oz CO2 tank with on/off valve

- Phantom style .45 frame PENDING WITH LFT1964

- Phantom vertical ASA

- Indian Springs Maxi 150rnd Loader DEAL CLOSED with a friend

- Neat little doo-hickeys. Nothing specific. If it's neat, and it's a doo-hickey, let me know.

Like stated, I'm not in a hurry to purchase any of these things, so if you're in a hurry to sell something, don't expect much from me (unless it's an offer I can't refuse).


-Classic Valve (leaks down the barrel)
-ANS valve back
-HAND POLISHED stainless steel P/F left body
-Carbon fiber single trigger frame (missing safety bearing screw)
-AGD rubber wrap arounds
-Benchmark double trigger frame (missing safety)
-Drop forward
-14" Dye Boomstick barrel
-4" BOA barrel (love that *tink* sound it makes!)
-Vertical ASA
-PMI Gas-thru grip
*SHIPS IN ORIGINAL BOX (pretty beaten up)*

-Has crack in the epoxy covering a crack on the barrel. Other than that, it's in great condition (literally zero exterior wear). Shoots great!

Brute Pump
-Spring return pump
-Down the barrel velocity adjuster w/ long hex screw
-The front grip frame screw popped out. Easily soldered back in, though.
-Feedneck is held in place by two screws (like normal) and about four washers (unlike normal)

Top General Semi
-Spyder clone
-Looks like back bottled VM
-Spyder threads
-Power feed
-Single trigger
-Open face bolt


Lenny 09-18-2006 12:55 PM

Have an offer for a NIB Ergo that I will without a doubt be taking (unless something drastic happens), so I will no longer be needing a reg.

I edited it out.

lft1964 09-18-2006 07:21 PM

flat bottom phantom .45 frame. this is the frame that when you attatch the t-stock, it does not angle it. the stock will come straight back.

like new, 25$ shipped.

Lenny 09-18-2006 07:55 PM


Originally Posted by lft1964 (Post 32221)
flat bottom phantom .45 frame. this is the frame that when you attatch the t-stock, it does not angle it. the stock will come straight back.

like new, 25$ shipped.

Might be interested. I'll get back to you.

lft1964 09-18-2006 09:41 PM

at your convienience sir.

SuperHiQuality87 09-19-2006 11:01 AM

ive got an indian springs maxi xl loader. Its in pretty good condition. What were you thinking about offering?

Titus 09-19-2006 11:03 AM

PM sent on Phantom and Indian Loader

Fluff 09-19-2006 12:42 PM

How bout an old SS remote with a slide check and no on/off.

Sexy_Chicken 09-20-2006 10:56 PM

I sent you a PM regarding a couple of items on your list.

Lenny 09-21-2006 12:34 AM

Holy crap! I was not expecting this many replies this soon! As I told Sexy_Chicken in a PM, my wallet was not prepared for this! Thanks for the great response!

Fluff, sorry, but not interested. I already have a remote and don't really use it that much. Thanks though.
SuperHighQuality, I was thinking no more than $12 shipped, but I already have an offer for one pending.
Titus, same goes to you on the IS loader. Oh, and sorry the Phantom thing didn't work out.
lft1964, I have an offer pending for a pump. Depending on grip, I may or may not be interested. I'll let you know.
Sexy_Chicken, that P68 is MINE!!! Your PM got me interested, the pics got me hooked. I'll let you know when I can afford it. I'm thinking about the Blade Runner...
Big Daddy T, don't worry about it. Thanks anyway.

As I've said in alot of PMs (and thank you all very much for being cooperative), I don't have a lot of immediate money. That's part of the reason I have planned on spreading out purchases, and why I'm in no big rush to buy. College is a money pit, girlfriends are expensive, plus I'm working less hours due to my college schedule and trying to establish a long-term savings account. My money is flying out of my hands as soon as I get it. Thank you all for being so patient, cooperative, and most of all, friendly.

Also, I know I said I'd be making a list of trades/sale items with pics, but homework is heavy, and I'm naturally lazy. Not a good combo. I'll update that when I get the chance.

Thank you all for the great responses. I hope I can work out deals with most of you. The items I've been shown so far are real quality peices. I've got my hopes high for MCB. Thanks.

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