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WTB Vintage Parts / Pieces for variety of older paintball markers

I have been working on putting together a website to have a central spot to go for finding those Vintage/Old NOS parts to finish off our project guns, and restore them back to their early states. I will continue to research the industry and try to find some of these parts and slowly purchase stock to make available to everyone. I have not really reached out to the MCarterbrown group though to see if you all have parts you are willing to sell to free up cash, room in your parts bins, but most of all help everyone else out that might be looking for them parts you have in your stash.

I am sending this out for all who might have parts bins, (which I know thats quite a few of you) and I am requesting that you might rumage through and find those parts you no longer need. I am looking for New or like new parts for older guns like Tippmann, WGP, Brass Eagle, Line SI, NSG, Nelson, etc. obviously would prefer to find multiple of the same parts so that I am not having to keep adding and removing products for a single screw or o-ring, but again I am willing to hear what anyone might have. Please if you browse my sight and see stuff that you think would belong and that you have extras of and are willing to part with, please contact me and I would be willing to make purchases of these parts if its inventory I am wanting to put on here. I am looking for Screws, seals, powertubes, gripframes, triggers, bolts, strikers, valves, etc.

This is a long shot, but again you don't know until you ask what is possible. So again, if you want to free up some bin space, make some extra cash and help out us fellow collectors feel free to shoot me an email or personal message.
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Neat idea, but don't you think it will be a bit costly on your end to buy up all of these different parts (that only a select few need/want anyhow), when most of the folks here will sell you the piece you need for a reasonable price, and all anyone has to do is ask?

Just curious, and thinking about you in the long run. Like I said... Costly.

I have TONS of SMG stuff, and I know others do too... I've fixed SMG-68's when they've been sent to me, and tossed in lots of goodies. But other then that, no one really been looking for the parts. So I'm sitting on all this stock.

Maybe someday someone else will need help. And I'll be there. But the further we go down this road of cheaper and newer guns... The less these old guns are actually being used. Sure we like them to work... But I don't think many of us are wearing out our parts.

Anyhow... Good luck with it....
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Yep, the only parts I'm wearing out are the biological ones.

I think a few here can relate to that!
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