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1987 Toyota Supra, Needs work.

I know this isn't exactly the forum for this kind of stuff but I need to get rid of this ASAP, long story but basically where it has been stored at is probably going to be hostile soon. Long story.... I'm putting this everywhere I frequent.

I was planing on fixing it but ran out of funds and now I have no place to store it. I probably put $5000-6000 into it in the last year as stuff kept happening, I love old cars... Right now the only problems I know of are the engine is not running right(could be a clogged cat I was told, also could be blown head gasket, haven't had a shop look at it yet so...) one of the axles needs a new bearing, there are 2 tiny cracks on the top of the radiator(they get wet when I run the car) and I believe the front passenger lower ball joint need replacing. Oh, the cat may be clogged. One slight inconvenience is the hatch has to be opened from the handle on the inside, when I swapped the tail lights I didn't re-mount the keyhole, shouldn't take very much to fix.

It does still run, I could still drive it around if its inspection didn't run out at the end of February. It just doesn't have the pickup and go it did when I bought it. If your not far I could drive it to you, I just have to dodge cops....

Heres what I have:

1987 Toyota Supra, 5spd non turbo hard top. 175k on chassis.
- Maroon paint, chipping in a few places but body is in good shape. 2 noticiable dents in the hood and 1 piece of molding is loose, very common.
- Maroon interior, good shape for the miles on the car. There some wear on the seats but its not ripping, fading in a few places. The back seats are damn near perfect. The only big thing is theres a rip/slash on the passenger seat on the back, something got pushed into it and it tore.
- Engine, 7mge inline 6, this should have about 60k miles on it. The guy I bought this off of swapped the engines. This needs work or something, I can tell somethings not right. Not a mechanic so I won't try to diagnose it. These are fairly common with JDM suppliers, I found complete low mileage engines near Philadelphia for $600 some even less than that, I was told this is one of the easier engine swaps so thats an option. Again I'm not a mechanic so I can't tell you much more.
- 5spd trans, shifts fine but sometimes is a bit hard to get into reverse.
- DSS aluminum 1 pc driveshaft, has probably 2-3k miles on it, I think it cost me about $600. I still have the original if you want it.
- 2 sets of wheels and tires. First set is the stock 16" "sawblades" with Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread, they are fantastic. I can tell the difference in wet/snowy weather, these still have a good bit of tread left. The next set is 17" silver wheels with Pirreli P-Zero Asemetrico, they are a bit more beat up than the others.
- 89+ style tail lights currently installed and still have the original 87's for it so you get both sets.
- Alpine front speakers

For a price, if its sold this by March 17 I'll do $1800 with everything but the stereo. This is pretty firm, I'm taking a big hit as it sits and this is what I need to fix my situation, if your serious and want to work something out I'll look at the offer. After that date I'll start at $2400 OBO with everything included.

Philadelphia/Norristown area is where this is located. Buyer deals with shipping/picking it up, I may be able to help out but we would need to talk about that. The inspection just ran out but if your close I'll drive it over. If you are interested in checking it out pm me here or try SCCDarkNinja on aim. Sorry, no phone right now...

The driveshaft cost me about $600, the spare set of wheels and tires was another couple hundred and the spare tail lights were another $120 and had to pull them myself. That stereo was about $300 when I put it in, its a nice full feature Alpine, if I can't get the price I need I'm keeping this.

Now for some pics:

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