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Bob Long Spyder frames Milled for Nelson body's..

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    Bob Long Spyder frames Milled for Nelson body's..

    So I have a bunch of these frames that Sanchez Machine milled to fit a Brute , Nelson pump markers. They were milled to fit a round body. Sear and trigger holes were added although the Spyder hole are fine and these still can be used for Spyder Markers. Note, I took one down to Lucky Ducks and he lined it up on his Line SI and it fit fine.. These could be fun lil projects.. These were never finished products for the brute's so no internals...SM had some Ideas, but never found the time to finish the project... I do not have any internals......If you want to use them for Spyder builds, you will need to use a single trigger frame internals...
    20.00 each shipped USA
    Buy 10 for 150.00 shipped...

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    infamoussmiley check these out...
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        Who, sir, is your photographer? He needs to settle down. Also, these look like they could indeed make for a neat project.


          look up^




              How much shipped to Canada? If you're willing that is.
              BigRed's feedback


              • Alexndl
                Alexndl commented
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                Shipping to Canada from California is expensive but maybe we can order several at once for the Canadian market and then distribute from there?
                I would be in for two

              • RAZRBAKK
                RAZRBAKK commented
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                BigRed Alexndl Count me in for one.

              I will ship to Canada as long as the extra cost is covered,,,and will give a discount for a lot deal...

              Buy 10 for 150.00 minus the 13.00 USA shipping.....

              then add the cost of shipping to Canada..