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Sam tussing semi auto pgp

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    Sam tussing semi auto pgp

    Just wondering what the value on this is.
    i have two of them...
    Matching set..

    Holly crap... this is a beast!
    dont know value but I want to know too

    Base Sam Tussing PGP on Ebay is currently at $420

    So with all the custom work and tunning on this one it would be a lot more

    A video from Bacci

    Maybe he would have an idea for the value?
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      I don't know, but ping me if you are looking to sell :-)

      About all I could recommend for a price is: ((base marker + whatever palmer charged for a stroker + 'tussing value') * 2) + premium of having two - covid pricing.

      1k+ depending on running condition?
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        I would think it would sell at 300-350 but actual value in better days (or ebay ) 450-500
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          No ideas, but I would love some more pictures of it's not too much to ask ... They is some great ideas on there 🤔 ...
          Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

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            HOLY COW

            No idea on the value but

            SWEET MERCY, WALZ!

            Also DocsMachine recently expressed interest in a semi-auto Sam Tussing
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              To the right guy, infinite. To the wrong guy, 100 bucks. To the average guy, 300 to 500 i guess. But honestly its anyones guess, none have been sold publically forever.

              Super rare. Man I miss looking for sam tussing stuff.


                That is hideous and I love it.

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                  Originally posted by Axel View Post
                  Also DocsMachine recently expressed interest in a semi-auto Sam Tussing
                  -I am somewhat interested, but that's a 'later' model. I've been holding out hope of finding an 'early' model, from when Tussing was actually building his own LPRs. The LPR isn't as good as the later factory-made ones, they were kind of like the early 'Cocker LPRs, with pistons too small to get good regulation, and they wound up "spikey" and would blow hoses if they got a bit of liquid.

                  There's no performance benefit- quite the contrary- but the handmade-LPR ones are the rarest of the rare, and I'd love to have one if I could find one.

                  In part because Tussing is the one that named The Tinker's Guild- technically is was a friend of his, a term for their little informal kaffeeklatsch old-fart's group (Tussing was in his mid-60s back in '99-'00) but I asked for and got permission to use the name as I saw fit.

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