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Punkworks Rifled and Smoothbore Barrel Testing

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    Punkworks Rifled and Smoothbore Barrel Testing

    Using a bunch of barrels and paint I provided, Punkworks conducted a 75ft indoor accuracy test using the following barrels on a T9.1:
    • Stock 9"
    • 9" LAPCO .690 Smoothbore
    • 9" LAPCO/Tiberius .683 Rifled
    • 16" LAPCO .690 Smoothbore
    • 16" LAPCO/Tiberius .683 Rifled
    • 14" Hammerhead .688 Rifled
    The Hammerhead and the 16" LAPCO/Tiberius are effectively tied for first place with the edge given to Hammerhead due to their barrel being more efficient.

    Link to the data

    Check out the thread for more info. A video of the test session:

    Simon "Manike" Stevens, of Inception Designs collected High Speed Video showing a Tiberius Arms First Strike Round (FSR) exiting the muzzle of a LAPCO / Tiberius .683 Rifled Barrel. The muzzle is at the 0 point on the tape measure (off left edge of screen). The FSR has been colored with a permanent marker in order to better detect rotation. The following video has been shared with his permission:
    More Threads To Come!

    Originally posted by Tom Kaye, IRT FS price critics
    Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.

    Originally posted by Crimson Death
    First strike rounds punish lazy people. Don't be lazy and you won't have problems with first strikes.