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Red IR3 CnC w/ 45 Single Trigger Frame, IR3 Frame, Purple People Eater Board, Etc.

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    Red IR3 CnC w/ 45 Single Trigger Frame, IR3 Frame, Purple People Eater Board, Etc.

    In the process of buying a house so I've got to let the side projects go for awhile.

    I'm trying to offload this project that I nearly finished - but never got to play with. As a result I'm going to say that this is being sold AS IS - but when I purchased the marker with the original IR3 frame earlier this year the seller said everything worked. I intended to play mechanical with it so the board is currently set at 5.5 bps capped semi auto. Hopefully someone thinks it's as cool of an idea as I do, picks this thing up, and actually gets to play with it. It is definitely not a wall hanger to say the least.

    The marker has the following parts/upgrades/what-have-you:

    Angel IR3 CnC - Red - Overall Body Condition 6/10 - Body has a chunk missing out the back - various scratches on body. Definitely a players gun throughout it's life. The anno where not scratched to hell is still pretty good.

    Will come with the original IR3 frame (has PM7 board in it - can be capped at 10-10.5 bps ramping), brand new stainless steel Dye LCD 45 Frame, brand new Dye clear sticky grips, Purple People Eater Board (, (2) .690 JT Barrel Backs (both stainless steel ), (1) .688 brand new JT Barrel Back (stainless steel ), (1) .686 Avalanche Series Barrel Back (stainless steel), 14" Red JT Tip (matches body pretty well), 10" Black JT Tip (dummy marks on it), 8" Silver snub nose JT tip, brand new chrome CP Rail, brand new macroline/fittings, brand new GateFeed feedneck (chrome), IR3 Feedneck (matching red - dummy marks), CP asa (silver - not chrome), silver CP drop forward, brand new Super Staunchy Customs Angel/Empire feedneck stub (used for if you want to put an empire style clamping feedneck on it, broken LCD board, stainless steel volumizer (not entirely sure which brand), still has Angel jewel, unknown clear red breech knob - could potentially be stock - not sure, bolt is black - delrin - has 8 holes in the face - not sure what brand or if it's stock.

    Would like to see $350 for it but am open for offers. Not interested in trades really.

    $525 and I'll throw in a brand new black JT revvy, and a 68/45 Ninja Tank dated 07/19

    Thanks for looking.
    Last edited by Shan1Fat; 11-13-2020, 04:43 PM.

    Dropped asking price to $350


      pm sent




          Still available?


            Bob Casselberry currently has it - not certain when I'll have it back in my possession


              Well let me know when you get it back. I’m interested