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Dumping my last bit of crap….A5, T98 and 48/3000

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    Dumping my last bit of crap….A5, T98 and 48/3000

    Trying to dump my last bit of “extra stuff”. The markers need a bit of work, but I’m taking that into consideration.

    I have an A5, I think it needs a spring to sear (maybe an O-ring). Been a long time since I played with it, but it was jackhammering when I pull the trigger. I know it still has an RT in it, maybe some other goodies…I think I sold some of the other stuff to a member, but my memory is bad.

    I also have a T89, bought it as a project, was going to make it FSR ready and bolt action, but lost ambition. Clam shells should be replaced, but internals are Ok (missing the rod that connects front and rear bolt). It does have one of the ASA thingies that puts the ASA to the

    Finally a 48ci/3000 tank. Born date 02/2019. Has seen the field maybe 3 times. Mostly a spare tank to test.

    Everything together, will NOT break up.

    more pics if requested

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