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Autococker Parts and Goodies - Need I say more?

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    Autococker Parts and Goodies - Need I say more?

    All parts are used and have average signs of use. And come exactly as pictured. Anything particularly note-worthy regarding condition will be in the description.
    If you are buying something from me and you need anything else small - hammers, bolt pins, sears etc. please ask me, I have a lot of little stuff that is just too much of a pain for me to post but would be happy to help out and get it out of my bins

    Chris Cole Bolt and Back Block. Gloss Black, comes with cocking rod that matches the bolt very well. - 110 Shipped
    Shocktech Slider Frame - No trigger shoe or grips but otherwise complete with extra thick chrome trigger plate and an unknown brand roller sear. Great frame, great trigger pull- 165 shipped
    Benchmark Frame - Early model with rear-trigger stop screw. No grips but has everything else as you see it - 125 shipped
    1st bolt is a 99 STO Bolt. P-block length 15 shipped
    2nd bolt is a Shocktech SFL/p-block length bolt. Has the ball bearing but no pin- 25 shipped
    98 or 99 rf body threads are good, comes with vasa and back block as pictured but otherwise empty. - 42 shipped
    Silver DYE 2k+ vasa not easy to come by 25 shipped
    gloss black pre2k back block, unknown brand 20 shipped
    Taso volumizer. real rough shape, could just need a cleaning but not good. 15 shipped
    chrome sledgehammers. selling as a pair because I know one of them does not work and I'm too lazy to test them to figure it out, my loss your gain $30 for the pair
    BNIB green shocktech trigger pants $30 shipped because I'd rather just keep it than sell it for 20 bucks.
    chrome shocktech swing frame. Ugliest product Shocketech ever made but they actually work ok. 20 bucks shipped
    DYE gas through foam in good shape $30 shipped
    2k+ dust black ANS front block and flat screw 18 shipped

    Click image for larger version

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    My Youtube Channel with Autocockers, Angels and other classic builds:



      I’ll take the dye vasa if available please pming


        pmed yeah


          PM sent