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Sam Tussing PGP Pump

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    Sam Tussing PGP Pump

    I have a Sam Tussing modified PGP pump. Grey coating, detent, spring feed, and caps are all mods by him. Message me your number or Facebook for pics. This site won’t let me upload pics as of late. $400 Shipping and fees included.
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    Pictures for you..
    you need to set a price thank you


    Can we please close the other two threads:
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      Originally posted by CaptainNeeda View Post
      Yes... Since this is the newest thread with an updated price I assume it's the one you want to keep, DylanNorthFlorida

      Please post only one thread for each sale. You may "bump" that thread to the top of the forum once every 24 hours by posting "bump thread" or "to the top" or whatever.
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        If I could shoot a PGP worth a darn I'd buy this. IIRC he was based out of Ohio and built more semi's than pumps, but clean work on this one.