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Homemade Jelly/Jam

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    Originally posted by Headshotted View Post
    Paw paw sounds extra tasty. Do you have any of the beauty berry left? That sounds really interesting.
    Beauty Berry is out of stock right now, I sold the last one last month. The trail I usually pick them on is closed so I will have to try to find some. It might be a few weeks until I find them though. Paw Paw is really unique, I've had a lot of fun finding and picking them and I had one really good haul this year, and then a bunch of near strike-outs. The season is sometimes a day or two in any given area. My big haul day was picking fruit that were at the literal height of ripeness, I had to process them THAT night.


      The paw paw is very good and worth trying. It is hard to describe the flavor. It is kind of banana but there is more to it. I’m a fan and will be buying more in the future.


        Cyber Monday Sale -

        ONLY for Monday and Tuesday, prices will be $5 per 8 ounce jar for everything except paw paw, which will be $7 per jar. I have a batch of recently made hibiscus jelly as well, which I will sell for $4.00 per jar for the special. Hibiscus is known to have health properties, if you are into that alternative medicine stuff. If you aren't, it tastes sweet and floral...pretty much how it looks. Finally, I have two jars left of light dandelion syrup which I will sell for $4 a jar also. This one is more liquidy than the dandelion "honey", and my customers typically add this to coffee/tea.

        Also in stock:

        Blackberry (Very limited, it gets bought locally the second I make it)
        Mulberry Jam
        Apple Jelly
        Apple Sauce
        Apple Butter
        Paw Paw Butter


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              The apple jelly is amazing. It is my favorite out of all of his jam/jelly that I've tried


                All Cyber Monday packages are out, minus one which is going out tomorrow. I'm going to keep some Cyber Week Deals going since we're trying to raise as much as we can to fund some upcoming holiday parties for local military members. The local USOs are bringing "mobile" holiday parties to the bases so that junior enlisted members, especially those in student status, are able to have some holiday fun.

                As a reminder, I ship first and THEN charge you the merchandise amount with the actual shipping that UPS charges me.

                Deals good until Sunday:

                16 oz (A LOT) jars of mulberry jam/spread - $13
                16 oz jars of apple jelly - $15
                8 oz Hisbiscus - $5 or $4 each if you order 6 or more
                4 4oz Jar "Flight" - Beauty Berry Jelly, Apple Butter, Apple Sauce, Dandelion Jelly - $12