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WTB Retro Paintball Apparel/Merchandise/Accessories

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    WTB Retro Paintball Apparel/Merchandise/Accessories

    Paypal ready to go.

    Really like old defunct company/team t shirts or hats. Down for anything if its old school I probably want it.

    I have a harness from mantis factory andaand I thinkathink redz , also I have a tank cover and neck cover from redz. Also have a neoprene marker case? Don't know if dye C6 Jersey and pants are of interest too.


      Got some Redz/Xsv pants that I bought in the wrong size and sit around collecting dust...


      • Jonnydread


        Editing a comment
        What size? OP of course has dibs, but I'm a fan of Redz stuff

      Have a new unused pair of pink JT team pants in siZe 36-38 (I think that’s the size). Could not ever bring myself to be that flashy on the field and they sat unused

      also have a very ratty OG grey/black Jt racing strap.

      have a Yellow and black JT backpack that opens from both sides but has some holes in some of the pockets

      thats the extent of my old stuff