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Sealing replacement parts on tank regulator.

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    Sealing replacement parts on tank regulator.

    I have a tank reg that i want to get rebuilt in order to have a backup. All that's left is to put a gauge on it. Do i need to use a thread sealer like blue loctite, or does teflon tape work there?

    I may be wrong but I dont think you should use any loctite on the reg or gauge. Likely damage the tank or parts next time you need to take them off.


      Either works for sealing the threads between the gauge and the reg. Depends on what you prefer. and how hard/easy you want the gauge to come off, should you ever need to remove it again.

      However, as Mr Fred points out, you avoid using loctite on the reg threads sealing it to the tank. There is no need whatsoever for either loctite or teflon tape there. The oring at the base of the reg threads is perfectly enough to seal, and the pressure in the tank will keep the reg secured enough.

      Sure - it is possible to unscrew the reg with force while it is pressurized, but even if it happens by mistake, it is completely harmless, since every tank reg for the last 20-25 years have bleed holes milled into them. So do yourself a favor and omit loctite, so you can get the reg off with ease the next time you would like to.

      Also, while you're at it, be sure to switch the oring at the base of the reg threads to the standard urethane oring that you usually have on the top of the tank regs outer threads. I.e. the part you thread into the ASA of your gun. That oring will last so much longer than the low quality orings that comes as stock on pretty much all tanks/tank regs. I have switched this oring on countless regs for people out on the field, when their tanks out of the blue started to leak between the tank and the reg.
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      • woouulf


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        Kinda missed the question..... All that's left is to put a gauge on it.

      Teflon tape is fine, although a thread sealer (not loctite) works too..


        Originally posted by woouulf View Post
        Teflon tape is fine, although a thread sealer (not loctite) works too..
        Used the tape, which worked fine. Out of curiosity though, what's good out there for 'not loctite' thread sealer? All I've ever had was blue (never used red) LT242.


        • Surf2Live
          Surf2Live commented
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          Loctite 545 is sealant for pneumatic and hydraulic fittings. Completely serviceable but expensive compared to the alternatives.



          Same as on these Macro line fittings


            I use Vixen Horns liquid thread sealant on my gauges, fittings, and hose. Search for “Vixen Horns VXA1545” anywhere and you’ll find it.


            • caylegeorge
              caylegeorge commented
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              Same here - I think its just re-packaged loctitie 545 pneumatic fitting sealant at 1/5th the cost. Good stuff

            I've had good luck with Vibra-tite 440 pm all the places that need to be sealed. Do not put any sealant on the reg when you screw it into the tank.


              I have been using the blue 242 locktite for years on fittings and such. It’s Removable and works just like Teflon without the mess. Takes 10min to seal up. Never had an issue with it ever. I use the same stuff on screws and bolts that I don’t want falling out on me.


                I've also used removable Blue 242 Loctite on fittings, gauges and screws with zero problems for over ten years.