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Oops asa threading

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    Oops asa threading

    I have trouble gripping/turning the knob on my Oops asa and want to 3d print a new one. I have had no luck finding any online, but I know I can model one.

    My problem is I don't have access to any kind of thread gauges at home. Does anyone know the thread for the asa knob?

    Palmers has stuff like this and I assume from the names on them that an asa is .825” @14 tpi but, there are still other critical dimensions like the distance between the o-rings and such but I suppose if you measure enough you can get all that info

    Edit: I misunderstood, I thought you wanted ASA thread size specifically, you need the knob's thread. You can always just take the part into home depot they usually have a little display with a built in threadguage. I wouldn't be surprised if it was normal ASA threads on the knob too.
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      Do you have access to a precision measurement tool like a caliper?
      if you can leasure the thread outer diameter (called major diameter) and the distance between the 4 peak of the thread you might be able to confirm which one it is.

      I no longer have a oops ASA so cant check for you


        For the future internet searches.

        Oops asa:
        Thread OD = .709 in
        Thread ID = .631 in
        Aprox TPI = 12
        Thread length = about .398 in

        Oops knob:
        Thread OD = ? can't measure
        Thread ID = .634 in
        Thread length = about .643 in