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Freak Bored Zeus

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    Freak Bored Zeus

    Here's some wonderful work our own Kit did for me on my old Zeus G2. I've been using a Zeus since I bought two together on a whim around 2012. Followed AgentSmith back when he was a poster on here on how to get them up and running, etc. I was a little worried I'd have to put mine out to pasture, since I just couldn't get them running consistently with how small paint is these days. I asked Kit if he'd try to bore them out, following advice you all gave me on here, and this is the result. Average about 20-25 shots off a single 12 gram, all shooting within 280-300 FPS. I've only got the one pictured right now, working to try to get the other one running on HPA for winter, so it's all pulled apart. But, the other one is made with just as much care, and quality.