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Not sure what is for sale...

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    Not sure what is for sale...

    Not mine

    Post description from seller
    Have too much gear.

    Masks, markers, soft goods, clothes, air tanks, etc etc etc.

    Speedball and woodsball.

    Entry to high end for everything but markers.
    No high end markers, just mid range and entry level.

    Only picture on the post...
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20220123-204648_Kijiji.jpg Views:	68 Size:	433.0 KB ID:	220659
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    Feel like being a broker?
    I could have sworn I had something important to put here...
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    • Alexndl


      Editing a comment
      Could have done it if I was closer...
      Its a 3 hour flight for me...

    Lets play a game
    how many paintball can you spot and identify on this picture


      Guy has a single 1 star review.... has all the trappings of the Phantom that was sold to multiple people. Buyer beware!
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        I asked for the price for both the "red gun" and the "blue gun" on the wall and he read my message but never responded...
        Picture is shitty but they both look to be a 2k1 sniper with a basic pump kit
        I guess he is just trying to fish for the best price for him

        I dont see his "high end stuff but the marker"
        i dont know if he think is arrowgun is a low end?


          How much for the lamp....


            I messaged him to ask for a better picture of the wall this reply.
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