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E Bikes-- best bang for your buck

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    E Bikes-- best bang for your buck

    Looking to buy two electric bikes...
    Who know their e- bikes
    There are so many out there now..
    i want the best bang for my buck...

    My dad has an e-bike from these guys:

    It’s something like a Yukon. Big fat tires, looks like a motor bike, it folds to make it easier to take places/store. Kinda heavy though. Well made, good bang for the buck and works really well.

    For use:
    regular pedal like Ye’ old bike.
    boost mode that does the hard work while you peddle like you’re on a flat road. Goes up hills without breaking a sweat
    Thumb throttle. For when you want to go fast and and put zero effort in. Push the throttle, go fast!

    One word if warning with the peddle boost, it will
    mess you up if you’re not careful. You go to move the peddles into an easier starting position and the damn thing boosts and your bike goes flying along with you. Only engage the power boost when you’re already riding!

    My mom has a different brand that’s a cruiser style. Definitely nice but was much more expensive.


      I'm interested in this thread. I would love to get one for going around the local trails. I like the idea of travelling farther using the same energy. So I'll get the same workout, but will be able to see more of the trails and countryside.
      I am the admin...


        I’m looking to buy one from Dr. Chopper out of Philadelphia. He is an assembler, and has been involved with eBikes for awhile.

        his website

        recent article

        his eBay store, non eBay prices lower


          We will be doing casual riding up the mountain trails and dirt roads..
          Its fairly steep up here so something with good low power ( no need for speed as the dogs can only run so fast,).
          Share your experience with a noob...


            Well I didn't know ebikes looked that good these days. But, not with those kind of price tags. 😳
            Carp 's Feedback
            Carp 's WTB/WTT


              I would love a modern one, but man are they spendy. Why not mod a bike you already have? I think you can get e bike diy kits for much cheaper than a new e bike. I have a 2000 specialized rock hopper that I made a single speed years back due to the cassets being junk. It needs a bit of work just to be mechanically sound again, but I keep telling myself Ill do the mods.

              These screenshots are from a forum I stumbled on in searching information on the bike. This guy put a gng mid drive kit on the same bike, and wears the battery in a backpack. The forum talks about how well a battery could mount to the frame. Above the motor. I screen shotted these pictures telling myself Ill do these mods.

              Torn on actually starting to collect parts to make it usable. Or just buying a new one myself. But the price difference would be huge.
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                Check out Luna cycles, Biktrix, Wattwagons and Bolton Bikes.

                ​​​​​​I would suggest Wally look at the fatbikes. 4" tires make a comfy ride and are good for snow and sand as well
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