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The rock heritage cookware set opinion

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    The rock heritage cookware set opinion

    Might look at a new kitchen set soon and they came in special.

    I already have pans(small/large) and one griddle that’s i use to sear steak.

    how does their pots compare?
    I don’t know if I need a set but I don’t like my little selection of pots(small or medium or too big :P)
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    Or this one of the same brand that allow up to 450 in oven instead of 350 if the copper one.
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      I use rock frying pans and really like them. Not much sticks and have lasted years and no coatings to come off!

      I think Costco usually has some of these and if you’re a fellow Canadian, Canadian Tire usually has them and they go on sale frequently.
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        Editing a comment
        It’s indeed a Canadian tire promotion.
        I will check Costco cost first if it is similar.

      There is currently a promotion on those at CT

      Personally I prefer stainless for Pot and pans, I have this set and like it, also on promotion
      i also use some anti stick skillet from the rock series but always feel once the coating deteriorate that I am eating PTFE or other chemical


        Honestly for general pots and pans Salad Master is the best. My wife was given a set before we were married and they are super durable and they continue to support even their legacy products. One of my wife's pan lids had a washer crack under the lid handle, I was able to order the part and got it super fast and fairly cheaply. These pots and pans were given to my wife in 1984, have seen constant heavy use and this is the first thing to ever "break". When my daughter's family moves into their new house I plan on giving them a set as a house warming present.

        Only down side I see is they are a dedicated distributor business model so you need to find someone near you to buy, really wish they sold factory direct. Though repair parts are factory direct thankfully.
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