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    If you come here just to say that it’s not substainable this is not the place.

    I am following Keto for 16months now and yea I had my ups and down. Some low carb high fat to not Keto at all.

    i am now strict in my carbs intake so actually in ketosis.

    40+pounds down. I would say 50 but I don’t have my actual starting. -15 from my last time I wasn’t following it. I fit my smallest paintball jersey almost perfectly from the time I was doing Paleo. No gyms and only exercise from my jobs. Improved paintball for me.

    It’s not a miracle and you do need guidance to do it correctly but I don’t miss the junks I was once consuming and if something I really crave I’ll go finds an alternative. My work colleagues love what’s I can’t eat and somehow wins.

    Wanna talks fats fuel? Let’s go!

    I've been doing a mid to low carb diet for awhile. I did enter ketosis a few times, but not enough to make a difference in weight.

    I accidentally started intermittent fasting 5 days ago and lost ~10 lbs so far (probably 4 lbs water weight). I forgot to eat one day and it is kind of snowballing.
    I didn't feel hungry the next day, so I decided to not eat again and I was fine. The next day I was fine again without eating and I reached ketosis on the 3rd day when my pee and breath started smelly funny.

    On the 4th day, I did have a coke a small quesadilla, sauerkraut, and some brisket I made earlier in the week, but still no cravings for snacks or sugar or any hunger.

    The only thing that I've been doing differently is that I started drinking green tea again, taking multivitamins again and doing some sprinting with C4 pre-workout.
    I'm thinking that somehow put me into some kind of fat burning mode.

    I'm going to see how far I can take this. I'm going to try to eat only every other day or more. On my next grocery trip, I'm going to pick up liver/liverwurst, fatty cheeses, chicken thighs, Keto protein powder, and sugar free electrolytes.


      I remember the first time I hit ketosis it felt like I was on cocaine. You have to be really restricted to get there, for me personally anyway.

      I don't practice a Keto lifestyle but you don't have to go hardcore Keto to get many of its benefits. I used Keto early on to help destroy layers of fat and I HIGHLY recommend it if you're in the same boat. I was at 230pds years ago and now I'm bouncing between 160 and 180 depending on how much sugar/carbs I want. I can lift heavier weights today than I could back then (at 230 pds).

      My biggest learning from Keto that everyone can benefit from:

      1. When you eat fat, you don't store fat.
      2. When you eat sugar/carbs, you store fat. (and water!)
      3. Eating a regular American diet literally makes you addicted to sugar. Full stop. Fight me.
      4. The hard work happens in the kitchen, saying no to overeating or consuming garbage.
      5. Exercise doesn't equal fat burn and it makes you hungrier. At first, things seem great but you'll plateau fat loss once your bodies adapted to whatever you're doing. I am not saying don't exercise, Im just saying that fat loss happens faster and more sustainably through an educated diet. You cannot burn off all the garbage you eat. (I've tried it!)
      6. You don't need carbs to maintain your energy. In fact! Carbs will poop you out faster than anything.


        Keto is pretty awesome. I'm extremely lazy with it and still drink keto "friendly" (low carb such as whisky and spiked seltzers) alcohol which kills a lot of the ketosis benefits; however, I've still lost 20 lbs over the last three months even though my activity plummeted due to COVID and laziness. After a couple months the cravings for sugar and other carbs really die as well. Some of my favorite foods involve carbs, so it isn't sustainable forever; although, I do enjoy a lot of the recipes I've discovered. I certainly miss the convenience of a traditional American diet...
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