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Good options for kids

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    Good options for kids

    It has been a challenge for me to find fun and healthy programs to do with my children. Does anyone have good ideas to share? It doesn't necessarily have to be outdoor, I just haven't found another more suitable subforum. Programs for the pre-adolescent (10/12 years). Thank you

    There are awesome examples for all kinds of age groups if you want to try out the Hour of Code STEaM lesson plans.
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      Do you have any calm bodies of water nearby? My son has taken to kayaking, which is both good exercise as well as a good activity to do together while being socially distant from others. If you want to, you could even bust out the fishing pole while you're at it.
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        During covid, we got into RC cars and it is one of my sons favorite things to do now.

        We got a couple of these:

        They are completely ready to go with battery and charger included. We run them in tennis courts and even built a little carpet track in our basement. They are smaller that the RC cars you are probably familiar with but we have the most fun and lots of silly grins with these.
        "but we all have electros and you guys only have pumps, this wont be fair"

        (chuckling quietly) "we know"

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          My mom found an app called “Seek” and it’s like a nature treasure hunt. There’s various challenges and you can take pictures of leaves and critters and learn about them. My oldest, 7, loves it. Turns an ordinary walk into a science/biology lesson.


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            This is pretty cool! We do a lot of hikes with the kids....we can get them out for a few miles as long as they are entertained. This will buy us an extra few hours in the woods...even if it does slow us down a bit

          Low impact paintball of course!


            10 year old a bit young. 12 year old is ready for paintball.

            do things that don't involve screens or sitting down.


              You can watch something like a relay race for children on the Internet. It is interesting, it is a competitive atmosphere, thanks to which the child does not need to be forced to do anything.


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ID:	111565 Traditional Archery. Cheap to get into, Easy to Get started but very hard to master. I Started it myself few months before shut down. And my 3yo daughter thought it was the coolest thing. So she came with me to the range many times (when it was open). I bought her a nerf like bow that she has gotten pretty decent at shooting in our basement. She loves it and when things open back up I look forward to bringing her back to the range with me.

                My daughters a tad small for a real bow but they make stuff small enuff for the little ones.