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Bottle specifications deciphering

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    Bottle specifications deciphering

    So I know how to check the born on date, and I know the GC on the lower left of the label specifies they were both made by Gayston. They have to the eye the exact same dimensions, and the scale says both are 2.1 lbs. What are the rest of the alphanumeric strings? I know the top is the DOT number, is that also manufacturer specific or something else? I seem to remember a bottle decoder stickie on PBN but I couldn't find it. Thanks !!

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    TC is the Transport Canada equivalent of the DOT. REE is the maximum volume the tank can have permanently expanded before it fails hydro. I'd assume the the number right above the birth date is a serial number. That's about all I know.

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      If you type that DOT number into Google it will give you most of the important info:

      in this case 15 years lifespan, it is good for oxygen, co2, hpa, etc nothing exotic, and details of what damage is okay and such.