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Vforce Goggle System

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    Vforce Goggle System

    When did they switch from the single pane lens to the thermal lens? Are they completely moving away from the single pane and going all thermal, specifically for the Profiler mask.

    I dunno, but Id pick up an old profiler and new lense knowing this. Profilers fit me well, grillz never did. But I never thought their single pane lenses faired well in the humid situations.


      Last I checked you can still get single pane lenses for the Profiler/Shield, but like BrickHaus said I have not had great experiences with the single pane lenses in more humid conditions. I remember seeing the thermal lens touted as an 'upgrade' for the Profilers quite a few years ago, like early 00s.
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        I've seen single pane lenses on Ebay and such but with the dual pane thermal lenses being so cheap it seems worth it to just go with those
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          I have always like the quick and easy way to pull to clean the lens from the V-Force profiler, and with it being a single pane, you just dunk the lens into water and you are done. Thermals are a LOT less forgiving. Only is very extreme conditions have I had a fogging issue with the V-Force lenses, but it is usually not an issue. I will need to replace the lens soon, and wondered if the trend is to go all thermal or will V-Force continue to make both kinds.


            Zenmic - Yeah they made the switch around the time they switched manufacturers and owners, QUITE a while ago.

            They stopped marketing the "Thermo Cured Anti Fog" which was I agree was the best solution for me and worked even when I had the whole interior of the mask completely drenched in sweat and condensation.

            One problem with it was that people would wipe it down with paper towels and totally destroy the coating. People are more knowledgeable about taking care of dual pane lenses.

            What I don't know is whether the new single pane lenses are still good like the old ones, or are low end.

            Because back in the day V force didn't even have dual pane lenses.


     cheap themo cured single chrome



              If it was me I would be buying these now and keeping them around. The lenses last almost forever when stored well. Especially the old packaging one that will probably be same manufacturer of the good old days.

              It does seem like they are pretty much moving away from the single pane lenses.

              They have single smoke and yellow on here too



                $15 for clear & yellow single pane.

                I use single pane in grillz and profilers. I've had grillz fog up at michigan monster game in single form, never had single profilers fog. I live in Northern California, so I normally don't have to worry about it.


                  You just gotta be nice to the inner part of the lens. worn out cotton shirts or baby diapers. absolutely no paper towel sand paper bullshit.

                  microfibers are also quite abrasive.


                    Cunha, you are so right. I miss those. Dunk them, use an old t-shirt to dry them off, and you are back in action. Are those $15.00 ones still the same? If not, then I guess I will just have to make sure I have my spray bottle full of water.


                      They still say thermo cured. Maybe they're still great. I would buy one and test it and then buy a few more to hold onto.

                      If you like mirror lenses, that mirror lens might be the last single pane mirror you see for some time.


                        The only mirror/tinted ones I liked were the OLD photo-chromatic ones from Raven, those many moons ago.


                          I like them for bright open no cover fields. Keep you cool.

                          I'd get some of these singles while they're available. I love the profiler.


                            I have a photochromatic profiler lense, works as advertised. Brass Eagle was the predecessor to the profiler, not Raven, at least as far as I can tell.


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                              Z Leader was the version before V Force.

                            Raven just had the photo chromatic lenses he wasn't talking about the lineage.

                            I didn't realize they made photo chromatic profiler lenses.