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CO2 Tank Burst Disks

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    There are 13 ci 3000 psi Aluminum HPA tanks. These have a working pressure of 3000 psi. Some manufacturers list the working pressure on the disk and some list the burst pressure. The 3K came out with the HPA tanks. Pressurized vessel industry standards list for flat disc protection, the vessel working pressure should be 70 to 80 percent of the disc burst pressure. That means for a 1800 psi working pressure tank, the disk should burst at between 2250 and 2571 PSI. For a 3000 psi working pressure tank, the disk should burst at between 3750 psi to 4285 psi. Hydro testing of the early tanks is 5/3 so even if you have a 3000 psi burst disk, your tank can achieve hydrotesting pressure next to your face. Your disk should be marked 1800 working pressure or M16 which is a burst pressure of 16 Mpa(Megapascals), equal to 2320.6 PSI, falling within required specs. Get rid of the 3Ks. If they are 3K working pressure, your tank can blow before they do.


      Back in the day we just used a hole punch on aluminum cans. I didn’t die. However looking back I should have died a hundred times over doing dumb stuff.