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Using a set screw as a velocity "choke"

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    Using a set screw as a velocity "choke"


    I'm trying to figure out a way to create a velocity adjuster on the Umarex T4E HDS shotgun. It's cool as all hell, but goddamn useless without velocity adjustment. I have removed the factory installed velocity restriction (lots of youtube videos showing how), and now I'm wondering if I could do the same thing, but use a set screw in it's place.

    After looking at my T15 and many 98's, it seems they use a set screw "choke" to adjust velocity. My question is, will it leak past the set screw as this section is constantly pressurized?

    Here is a link to some pictures.

    Hopefully someone has some insight!

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    Yes it would leak and most likely get worse over time as used given that appears to be aluminum you would be threading. You would need to figure out a live seal to restrict air volume there.
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      I've solved this. The solution isn't to remove the restrictor/devolumizer entirely, but to drill two 3/16" ports. I'm working on a video.