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Empire Dfender

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    Empire Dfender

    Share information you have on them. Are they good, reliable and easy to maintain.

    What are they worth now days?

    They're a 1st gen Axe with a prophecy built into the stock with what basically amounts to a warp feed to combine the two.

    The downside is you still have to fit a tank on there so it's not completely seamless.

    Maintenance on Axes are kind of a nightmare as it takes a specialized tool to get the regulator apart. Other than that, they're good shooting reliable markers.


      I've never used the Dfender specifically, but I have used others from the mini series and the Z2. The mini was the default recommended beginner gun before the Emek came out, so you know it's reliable and has plenty of parts available. I liked my Z2, but I thought the shell construction wasn't very good. I assume it's better on this. I'll second the regulator concern, but it's fine once you have the tools (Techt sells them) and they rarely go bad anyway. The only other thing I might be wary of is that some of the orings are metric, so you might be forced to get them in a parts kit because they won't be sizes that will be otherwise common.

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        Get the aluminum body ones and get extra selector switches it is a week point, if you plan on keeping it buy them up they go bad often.

        Buddy of mine uses one even to play speedball and is actually really good with it. I can’t get the hang of it. The stock gets in the way with the way I aim (looking down the outside edge). With the hopper stock you can’t get behind it. He seems to make it work and it’s really funny to watch him shoot out the typical electro kids with it. It always draws a crowd and gets some giggles especially because he really plays up the rec baller look but is actually a really really good player. He has fun with it.

        Its fun but has its flaws that ramp to feed the marker is long an chews threw battery’s and you better keep it clean. It’s basically an Axe on the inside so you have your typical AxE issues. Boost tube with the proprietary oring that leaks at times, Reg issues but the biggest one is that selector switch. The more you use it the quicker it will wear out. Not sure if you can just eliminate it I’m sure you could if you had to. Just something to keep in mind.

        Not sure what they are worth but they were pricey new. They weren’t well received so they were discontinued and they didn’t sell many. But used they were selling for a lot less due to the issues mentioned above but now I have no idea. Mag fed basically killed it off as there market was tactical woodsball types and the real steel looking markers took over especially with the ability to shoot First strikes something that was new at the time. So the idea died until recently with the Raider I think it’s called sold under the tippman name.
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          I'd personally stay away from them.... Spare electric parts are basically extinct.


          • Chuck E Ducky

            Chuck E Ducky

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            Agreed and the marker seems to eat them. It’s not a matter of “if” it’s more like “when”

          They are fun, but as others have said, it's rather delicate despite what it was intended for. If your comfortable working on Axe's you won't really have any issues, but it's not soft on paint like a normal axe. The feeding system needs more woodsball paint. It does eat batteries, but you can go out with a 50ci peanut tank play all day with it.

          It's also a little hard to aim, but if you want a "machine gun" woodsball marker it is fun.


            One of these popped up on Kijiji for not a bad price:

            Paintball Empire Battle Tested on Kijiji
            Cuda's Feedback


            • Ecapnation


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              Eh... They pull $500 us used.... Not sure what the conversion is

            • Cdn_Cuda


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              About 600 USD