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JT Speed Pod Band?

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    JT Speed Pod Band?

    If you still have and use JT Speed Pods please tell me what type of elastic band are you using to keep them closed? Do you use hair ties? Do you use a particular size and brand of rubber band? Or are you using something else?

    I have 2 speedpods, both with their original bands lol. I half-opened one and saw the band was filled with cracks so I didn't dare try to open it all the way. I should take it off and see how large the thing is.


      Some of my pods have original bands, but not in good shape. The extra band is still on at least two of them.

      Kevin, you may appreciate this... I want to show up to a decent size game some where with and old ICD Mech, and a full JT Slammer system. Probably only old timers who would know what the heck I had. Hmmm... any largish games schedule for Jaegers this winter?

      How is that Fox of yours doing for you? I have dibs if you decide to let it go. (I am still waiting for an official qmto Desert Fox video review... I am sure I will appreciate a full review done in your style.)


      • OpusX


        Editing a comment
        Battle for Earth IV was the most recent big game. The next typical event is Bob White Caveball day, which is probably not yet scheduled due to local restrictions.