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Cleaning Anodizing Details Inside

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    Cleaning Anodizing Details Inside

    Alright the story starts like this, years ago in some lot I got a barrel bag. I have no idea who made this bag or what it is made out of. I put 5 barrels in it and stored them in my closet for about 10 years. It was not exposed to any sunlight, was kept at a temp of about 65-75 degrees the entire time cept for power outages. I live in central eastern part of USA in a humid sub-tropical climate. The bag appears to be made of a neoprene knockoff with a filling inside that at one point might have been foam, but it now feels like silicon beads when you feel it. It then has a kinda stiff plastic feeling mesh that holds barrels. Multiple other barrels were stored in the same spot in varying different cases, from Redz neoprene to Dye barrel box to CP foam, none of these barrels or cases showed any signs of changing the anodizing.

    I stored 5 angel barrels in there, one was a Adrenaline Boomstick with what I believe is a Alodine anno with SS back. The other 4 are all aluminum, I believe type 2 gloss anno, 2 of them have jewel stickers and one has laser etching. When I took the barrels out I noticed ALL of them appeared dull in color all over. Where the barrels faced the mesh pattern, there had formed a pattern on the barrels same as the mesh, almost giving the metal a carbon fiber look. This was only on the parts that faced the mesh. From top to bottom the color had lost its shine on all barrels from what it was.

    I have been using 1 barrel as a test bed, a stock infinity barrel, the only one without any special markings that might get damage. So far I started with dishwasher soap, windex, WD40, GooGone, lighter fluid, BonAmi, Magic Eraser, BarKeepersFriend, and 2 other things I cant remember exactly what they were, one was a window cleaner and other a car polish product. Nothing effected it at all except the BarKeepersFriend seemed to dull it even more in my test area. While the mesh pattern lessened, I dont think it got rid of it so much as it dulled everything to point it hides the mesh pattern which is duller than the rest of the anno. Currently I have Flitz metal polish and Everbrite coating as a kinda stand by last resort. One barrel responded to the GooGone, it was the Adrenaline barrel with what I believe is the Alodine finish, but half that barrel is SS and aluminum half has a anno that hides stuff well.

    Seeing as how these are original barrels off Adrenaline/Cobra/Dark/CP Factory team Angels, you can understand why I want to keep the stock anno, reanno is not an option. As it stands now all the barrels are duller and darker than the guns they belong to except the Adrenaline. Does anyone here have any idea or knows how to clean anodizing without stripping the anno or color, and restoring the polish that has been lost due to dulling?

    Here is a pic of the evil bag, which if anyone has one, DO NOT use it.

    Also a example of what damage looks like vs original. Note its actually most noticeable on black barrel in person, but when taking photos the red shows the best. This has been hair tearing out for me, if anyone can help youd be a savior miracle worker who helps keep original pieces of PB history intact.

    Sounds like you've tried most of what I would suggest. One thing absent from your list that I've had some luck with is rubbing alcohol! I'd also try soaking in hot soapy water overnight, then scrubbing.

    Good luck!


      Denatured alcohol.

      Chances are the barrel bag off gassed like foam and plastic does. So you're fighting plastic mung and will need a solvent


        acetone wont harm the anno either


          Waxing when done doesn't hurt, helps the shine and gives a little protection from casual contact with other substances.

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            Originally posted by Ecapnation View Post
            Denatured alcohol.

            Chances are the barrel bag off gassed like foam and plastic does. So you're fighting plastic mung and will need a solvent
            Yep. I faced a similar situation with a marker stored for years in a similar bag. Denatured alcohol took it all off.
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              Denatured alcohol was tried today, it had no effect sadly. I know I had acetone in past but cant find any now.


                This is sounding like the surface was worn down by something in the mesh fibers. If that's the case, I'm sorry to say that there's nothing on the surface left to restore.
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