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    Speed Master

    After 20 very, very long years, I can finally say I own a Speed Master again! I'm so freaking happy!! 😂 For those of you who don't know what you are looking at, this is a 1990's Brazilian paintball marker. Actually, the best one ever made in the country and incredibly rare nowadays. I also have its semi version, which is even rarer. This one is a replica of the NW Spitfire as you can see. It's aluminum made, super smooth and with great tolerances and build quality. And incredibly light.

    And a couple pics of the Semi:

    You should post up more of your collection!
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      Originally posted by Nish View Post
      You should post up more of your collection!
      Thanks. I moved to a smaller house a couple years ago and had to take them off the wall so everything is kind of tucked in a couple different places. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to reassemble it again and then it will be much easier to post more.


        Oh my I did not know I wanted that semi.
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          What is going on with the cut away section of the body in the first picture? Is the internal cocking rod after market? Is it there for cleaning?
          Great looking markers.


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            Editing a comment
            My guess is that velocity is adjusted by choking flow from that screw in the side of the bolt. You see the same kind of cutout in The Tippmann SL68 II

          Exactly, you adjust the velocity by turning that screw. Also, the opening easily lets you squeege the barrel in case you need, without needing to remove either the barrel or the loader, as in older Tippmanns.

          And this marker is bone stock, with no after market modifications, apart from the rifling in the barrel. This, I guess, was home made by a previous owner but still very well done. I never saw a Speed Master with a rifled barred before. They were all bull barrels like the one shown in the semi.