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    oh for the love of pete lol
    i got the E88 and E77 instead and am happy i did but couldnt get all three. glad im not going crazy at least. lol


      Here’s a couple sick bushies. Click image for larger version

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        Added this to the hoard.

        OG Ironmen Adrenalin LCD!

        I was gonna pass on it but in pics from the seller I noticed it had no AA serial number. Which stuck out because I have another cobalt Adrenalin with no AA serial number that I’d always suspected was an IM gun & these two WDP serial numbers are 2 digits off. The other similarity was the AA power switch was abandoned & moved to the back plate.

        When it showed up & with closer inspection I noticed a sticker shadow on the front right that seemed to say SKW. Got excited about that & confirmed with an old IM player that they had SKW stickers on their team guns. The board was DOA but it has some cool custom work too.
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