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Flag raiders.

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    Flag raiders.

    So it seems flat raiders is In for big changes. The indoor field was closed down last year and now the out door field is closing/relocating (can’t find word on where too yet).

    I have played at both there past two outdoor fields. Both I found a lot of fun. Wonder what’s in store going forward?
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    My fingers are crossed for them moving back to the original location. IIRC, they still own the land. I don't know why they moved in the first place.

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    • Tinybear
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      Never played their original field this will be their 4 outdoor field move I believe. I played the field that was out on kossuth rd. Was a great field but I think he chose to move due to land use issues from neighbouring complaints.

      The field in Bingemans. Was smaller but was fun to play. It was also closer to home. And for a while it was super convenient as I used to work literally across the street.

      Just glad to read there not going under. We don’t need to loose yet another field.

    Looks like flag raiders is trying to return to there old location but is being blocked by city zoning. Joes asking for some help by emailing the officials.
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    • Meleager7


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      Yes! If any players that have enjoyed playing paintball at FlagRaiders in Waterloo / Cambridge , Ontario, could email the politicians listed on their site , that would be fantastic. Even if you don't live in the city where FlagRaiders operates, you could speak to how often the presence of FlagRaiders brings you into their city, where you likely buy supplies, stop for gas, go out for food, contribute to their economy , etc . If any Americans have crossed the border specifically for a FlagRaiders event, you have a strong voice as well. You've definitely injected money into the Canadian economy in the form of hotel rentals, food purchases, entertainment ,etc! If you could send some emails too, that would be great ! Just keep the language in any email civil, and to the point! Thanks everyone!

    Email sent. Flag Raiders is on my list of fields I would like to play at. I hate when cities try to block fields because they don't see the impact it has.
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      I still have a 3rd place trophy kicking around from a Flagraiders pump tournament a little over a decade ago. I love that place. Definitely don't want to see them go under.


        Emails sent to all Politicians listed. I even got back a few responses !
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