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eBay Canada has some Cockers!

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    eBay Canada has some Cockers!

    Certainly a rare occasion, but ebay Canada has a handful of Trilogy cockers and tri-fade Oracle pump.

    The Oracle:

    Same seller has the Trilogies.’s-feedback

    These were also listed on Kijiji. They may still be but I can't find them. Most of his ads were listed in a way such that they didn't get detected by my saved searches.

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      I just picked up a Azodin Pump, Tippmann A5 r/t, a SLP 50/4500 and a steelie tank that way for $125. My normal searches didn’t catch it but a search for Azodin did. Stuff had been sitting for over a week because no one could find it. Sometimes Craigslist searches are funny like that. Searching “Paintball” gives different results from “paint ball”.’s-feedback